18 January 2021


Please recognize that President Trump has always told us the truth about very important events. And this time, this week, is also one of those times. His messages recently have been soothing and informative if one listens closely to his words carefully selected.

With caution, I advise to stop listening to all those “who profess to know the inside info” no matter how much one trusts them” because there is a lot of deliberate chatter to weaken and confuse everyone. This I am saying to myself also.

It seems that there have been ongoing special ops (also intern’ly) to “drain the swamp” and make the world a better place. They are still in process IY”H and as Pres. Trump has cautioned those who follow his efforts, there will be a smooth transition into a greater reality. Pres Trump has aimed to do this without harming the American citizens or causing undue harm to anyone. Many of the “evil” ones have been arrested. B”H and more IY”H will take place. 

The next few days and months will prove the above to be real, and it is my personal estimation that between Purim and Pesach we will be able to breathe easily (w/o psyop face diapers). 

However, we still must communicate with the Creator of everything, increase our Emuna and Bitachon  in whatever HaShem does is always for the Good. HE is totally in control and things can change at any time.

Hopefully this will also witness the downfall of the Erev Rav Govt, and many changes in Israel. 

I believe that we will be IY”H entering the “amazing” days of the Geula at last, and we should try to view events as just this and express our gratitude to HaShem.



moshe said...

What a beautiful and uplifting post, Neshama. H' bless you for that great mitzvah. Most are not aware of these truths you write here and have not kept up with the 'real' news. May your words be fulfilled in that by Pesach we will know that we are truly in the heart of Geulah and that we will be welcoming Moshiach tzdkeinu very, very soon. Hashem is ALL GOOD!

Gavriela Dvorah said...