12 January 2021

From the Mouths of the Elite

Pope & Rothschilds Join Big Biz for Fascist Global Technocracy – Agenda 2030 – Inclusive Capitalism"

"In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the new Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism With the Vatican bringing together Pope Francis, the Rothschild banking dynasty, government leaders, tax-exempt foundations, UN bigwigs, central bankers, and top mega businesses to replace what remains of the free market with fascist-style global technocracy. Getting business and capital onboard with the totalitarian United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a key part of the plan. Newman explains that this alliance is aimed at putting a religious and moral veneer on the globalist effort to usher in the "New World Order" that the Deep State has been pushing for generations." 📰Read the Article: Pope Joins Rothschilds and Mega-banks for “Inclusive Capitalism” http://bit.ly/2XcXieu


Leah said...

Hi! Excellent article. Go to telegram and sign up before YouTube removes videos(as they've been doing hand over fist)
Simon Parkes is phenomenal in his perspective and intel.
There is info on January 12th video ..it's about 28 min long(he updates many times per day)
If I were to reccomend any video, it's this one. Much of what you write above and more is in this video and it encapsulates the whole element going on.

Neshama said...

Leah, I didn’t write the text under the video. Much of these types of text go along with the video, by the author.
I don’t remember where, but I heard negative things about T. Maybe that the “anti” groups are also on T.
I hope he jumps to BitChute or GabTV.

Thanks for your comment, and the spicy ones on Reb Dov’s blog!

ל.ל. said...

Secretary Pompeo delivers remarks at Voice of America, in Washington, D.C

ל.ל. said...

the gmail doesn't work in israel i tried today, only government messages receives please check and let me know

ל.ל. said...

sorry the gmail works for other people but it doesn't work for me for some reason

Neshama said...

Leah, will check later today Jan 14. PS so many comments ended up in SPAM. I’m working on them now.

Neshama said...

No, no, no on Telegram.
DBL signed up with Signal
What’s their web address??