18 January 2021

One Way to Thin Out the Numbers

 Health Ministry: Over 600 COVID deaths in Israel in 2021

5,000 new cases of coronavirus confirmed Saturday after 69,500 tests conducted, yielding positivity rate of 7.2%; there are currently 1,115 people hospitalized in serious condition with 246 of them on ventilators

Cognitive Dissonance
Israel began vaccinating its population using the Pfizer vaccine on December 20, 2020. So far, the country has given the first of the two shots to almost 2 million people and has already begun to administer the second dose.
This is the first evidence that the Pfizer vaccine not only prevents a person from contracting COVID-19 after exposure to the coronavirus, but that it also prevents that exposed person from passing the virus to others.
It is yet unclear if the first vaccine dose reduces morbidity any further than 33%, or what is the percentage would be after the second dose, but Israeli health experts believe that the data shows a significant drop in the spread of the virus.


moshe said...

Just read the breaking news on Tomer Devorah about the abomination of how the Jews in E.Y. are being made guinea pigs; H' yerachem! There must be accountability for this and it should never be forgiven! I just ask why the public even rushes to stand on line to get the 'samm'. Did H' purposely take away their natural in=born instinctive sechel?

Neshama said...

go back to her blog and read my comments!!