19 January 2021

Paro and the Jews

 Pharoah started working alongside the Ivrim slaves to con them into thinking this was a project good for Mitzrayim. [Bibi was the first to get inoculated (??) with the vaccine.] Then Pharaoh slid back into his chariot to watch and encourage the slaves to continue the ‘national’ endeavor.

The national endeavor took on speed as [a vaccination drive increased in intensity] the slaves were conned into doing “their part.” Pharaoh increased his drive for the national endeavor and contracted with his advisors [a contract with the Necromancers]. They contrived to create a second tier to his plan.

Pharaoh gave orders to increase the work of the slaves by ‘isolating them and reversing the workload”. The more the national endeavor increased the greater the distress and death of many of the slaves. Soon babies were in danger and [increase of *pregnant mothers getting dangerously sick] were destined to return to heaven upon leaving their mothers’ womb. 

Seems the national endeavor is slowing down. So Pharaoh yelled, “make the slaves get their own straw!”

The slaves cried out, “our babies are being thrown into the Nile, our wives are doing our work, we are losing strength”. So Pharaoh decreed a lockdown on the seventh and holy day of the week [no shuls, no school for the kinder, no walking around, no freedom to think and breathe]. 

So Pharaoh decreed that all the slaves get a booster shot of the Necromancers’ secret potion to increase the national endeavor.

The slaves moaned and groaned and contorted in pain but the work must not stop. The Mitzri Ministry worklords carried away the dead and dying. Our national endeavor must go on! The remaining slaves screamed out at the top of their fragile lungs to their Father in Shamayim, when they could no longer go on!



* 10 pregnant mothers contract Covid! https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/295171

Cognitive Dissonance 

Gynecologists call to vaccinate pregnant women

Israel's gynecologists' union called on pregnant and nursing women to get vaccinated against the coronavirus - after consulting with their doctor. The union sent a joint professional opinion to the Health Ministry on the subject, after a number of pregnant women were diagnosed with severe cases of the coronavirus and hospitalized. "There is no medical basis or facts which suggest that fertility is harmed by the vaccine. The coronavirus is liable to cause harm during the course of pregnancy, to cause serious illness and premature birth. Therefore, it is important to get vaccinated to prevent being infected by the coronavirus.” https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/295177 


moshe said...

Very well put together; fits perfectly. We are all crying out, "Where is Moshiach". Even when we're not praying, we must not forget for one moment the situation we are all in and, in fact, the whole world is now suffering because of the evildoers. We have to pray for those words to appear as they did in ancient Bavel for Nevuchadnetzer 'menei, menei, tekail u'farsim' (not sure if I got that right).
We pray, Righteousness will soon fill the earth.

Neshama said...

Moshe, so much i appreciate your comments. Keep them coming.

Neshama said...

Moshe: Get ExpressVPN so you can surf covertly!