18 January 2021

The Elephant in the Room

 . . . with the syringe aimed at the elderly, weak and frail!

Concerns mount as Norway investigates link between Pfizer vaccine and 30 fatalities

You’ve got to read the reactions to this video. It’s EXPERIMENTAL folks!

Who’s here before the “democratic people’s republic of google” takes it down.

So terminally ill people are getting vaccinated? This sounds like the testing period for the vaccine not the end product.

"The deaths were recorded among very frail patients..."

So that makes these deaths acceptable for the vaccine but not the actual virus?

89 year old dies from covid: " we need to protect our most vulnerable and lock down everyone [else]”  89 year old dies from covid vaccine: " they were frail and had only few months to live”.

The vaccine is safe.

Jeffry Eppstein broke his neck with a napkin.

Joe biden got more votes than Barack Obama.

"People with underlying health conditions are susceptible to covid"

"People that are old and frail are susceptible to covid vaccine”

They're straight up telling everyone they don't care. And they're still rolling out the vaccine.  Unbelievable!!!

If those individuals were in such poor health and so close to death, why did they even vaccinate in the first place. My vet would not even  vaccinate  my dog  under those conditions

the virus 99% survival rate - takes the vaccine DEAD

At least Norway is revealing the truth. Everyone else, the US, EU and Australia are burying their heads in the sand. Pfizer has indemnity for what is basically euthanasia

Why would you be vaccinating frail, terminally ill people with weeks to live??

There are more reports of deaths in other countries... even in perfectly healthy people. The reports are for Pfizer and Modena

Watch out! When people die from the vaccine they will end up saying that they are dying from a more  deadly strain of the SCAMDEMIC!

Oh my God. Why are they giving it to people that are nearly dead. This should be a huge red flag.

Yeah 56 deaths in nsw of covid since it started but it's OK if 30 die right away from the vaccine that's supposed to stop it! Disturbing to say the least! We need to stop this insanity.

Just as Gates has hoped, the vaccinations are successful.

The covid “vaccine” has a higher mortality rate than the virus itself.

I know someone who died after contracting an illness from someone that became ill after being vaccinated…….

Kinda like the"Blue Juice" you give to animals when you want to put them

down! Evil people!

They are trying to kill us and starting with the elderly.

Yet sheep are still lining up for the vaccine lmao. Anyone thats been paying attention to these globalists goals knows to avoid these vaccines at all costs.

Moronic. State sanctioned murder.

A Pfizer vaccine in South Africa was tested independently, and found to be laced with HCG, a powerful steralization drug.

Pfizer report: vaccine prevented Covid in 30 elderly patients. 100% success rate

30 is nothing compared to the people that will die from the vaccine in the long run

"In  medicine,  the  guiding  principle  is  “First,  do  no  harm.”  Widely  distributing  a  COVID-19 experimental  vaccine  before  adequately  addressing  and  clinically  evaluating  the  above concerns  is  reckless.  This  is  especially  true  in  adults  under  50  years  old  who  have  an infection  survival  rate  of  about  99.98%,  and  even  lower  in  those  without  high-risk comorbidities.  While  “first,  do  no  harm”  may  not  be  a  guiding  principle  for  politicians  or health authorities, it  still  resides  in the  forefront  of  the  minds  of  frontline  physicians. The  warp  speed  progress  in  vaccine  development  should  be  praised.  This  should  not  be confused,  however,  with  readiness  to  distribute  a  vaccine  to  hundreds  of  millions  persons globally.  EUAs,  for  vaccines  does  not  obviate  the  need  to  make  good  decisions  for  patients. Because  the  IFR  (infection  fatality  ratio)  is  exceedingly  low  for  younger  persons  and because  the  vaccine  is  experimental  with  so  many  known  and  unknown  risks  including neurologic  disorders,  auto-immune  disorders,  high  concern  for  antibody-dependent enhancement  and  infertility  concerns.,  America’s  Frontline  Doctors’  holds  that  it  is unethical  to  advocate  for  the  vaccine  to  persons  under  50.  The  risk  and  safety  evidence based  upon  trials  cannot  be  justified  in  younger  persons.  It  is  therefore  prohibited.  If pharmaceutical  companies,  private  businesses  or  the  government  mandate  or  coerce persons  to  comply  with  unethical  policies  for  which  there  is  substantial  evidence  of  likely harm,  and  indeed  a  person  is  harmed,  that  person’s  grievances  must  be  adjudicated  in  light of  the  future  defendant’s  knowingly  willful  misconduct  and  AFLDS  will  do  everything within  its  power  to  assist  such  plaintiffs.  While  we  sincerely  hope  this  will  never  be  the case,  and  we  are  taking  all  measures  to  reduce  that  possibility,  should  that  unfortunate situation  come  to  pass,  we  expect  to  assist  hundreds  of  thousands  of  patients  in  class  action lawsuits.   Vaccination  must  always  be  an  informed  decision  between  a  doctor  and  his/her  patient  that takes  into  consideration  a  plurality  of  risk  factors  including  patient  age,  comorbidities  and exposure  risks.  Every  patient  is  unique  both  in  mind  and  body.  It  is  in  the  sacrosanct relationship  between  a  patient  and  doctor  that  these  differences  are  explored,  not  by  a politician  or  remote  health  authority  that  will  never  face  a  patient  or  grieving  family member to report  bad news  from  a  medical  intervention. "

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I'm speechless. This is horrifying.