06 January 2021


That are Against THE *Vaccine”  

Pachad haMaveis – The Fear Of Death is Hovering Overhead

Rabbi Anava gave over many amazing points in his latest shiur, and one thing I awoke today in my mind: Rabbi Feinstein Zt”l cautioned (Psak), Do not prick the skin (needle) is there is a danger. To say that one should rush headlong into a ........... that is a (not possible but actual) danger is foolish and dangerous in itself. Wait. [Even if one waits, the effects for some persons will not be apparent immediately, and the danger to women is to the placenta, and for both, infertility, not to mention the looong list of “deadly reactions”]

Below is a PARTIAL list of Rabbis that are advising NO VACCINES. And not to intermarry with anyone who has. Isn’t that amazing and startling advice. These Rabbis clearly investigated and know the danger to G–D’s amazingly crafted human physiology and immune system. Rabbi Anava also stated that the Zohar says and it’s a halacha that when some rabbis are for and some rabbis are against, we frum Jews “sit and wait”.  One can listen to his shiur and learn for yourself. [* what is being pushed as a vaccine is a new and unproven concoction that is called by Moderna an “operating system”]

With this list, I am asking readers that if anyone is connected to any one or more of these Rabbis, to please verify that this is their psak halacha or a ‘recommendation’. We try to provide emesdik information, so your comments below would be appreciated.

Rabbi’s against vaccines (partial): 

Rabbi Yoav Elon

Rabbi Yuval Cohen Ashrov

Rabbi Dov Cook 

Rabbi Haim Dinovitz

Rabbi Moshe Steinerman

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia

Rabbi Eldad Shmueli

Rabbi Zion Boaron

Rabbi Menashe Amon

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak

Rabbi Dov Berkowitz ׳

Rabbi Daniel Decade

Rabbi Uri Super (Sofer)

Rabbi Michoel Green

Rabbi Yosef Shani

Rabbi Mordechai Gottlieb

Rabbi Pinto

Rabbi Aharon Stern

Rabbi Menachem Edri

Rabbi Nathan Kopshitz

The Admoor is from Belz

The Admoor Moiznitz

Rabbi Ravid Nagar

Rabbi Erez Shahar

Rabbi Yitzhak Cohen (Rav of Shmuel Hanavi? )

Rabbi Roy Avichai

Rabbi Yosef Assayag 

Rabbi Shmuel Zivan

Amshinover Rebbe - Roshay Yeshiva

Rabbi Eliyahu Dov Wachtfiegel - Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Malchiel Kotler - Rosh Yeshiva Lakewood

Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz - * Domatz Lakewood

Isreali Rabbis against covid vaccine & considering ban against intermarriage with anyone who took it. (this would I assume is connected to the danger involved with the female reproduction, and both male and female fertility)

[* can one understand that this is a population culling procedure, not unlike the myriad experiments forced on those in the Shoah.] we are once again being corralled into a “final solution” by the elite psychopaths.


Myriam said...

Rav Itshak Cohen is the Rav of Shmuel Hanavi?

moshe said...

H' y'vareich each one of these Rabbanim, who are the real rabbanim!
You are absolutely right that this is a culling process; it's so very obvious, so much easier and cleaner than bombs and warfare and from what I read, the then sec'y of state of the U.S., Kissinger (erev rav), said it's the best way to depopulate, r'l. It's all an unbelievable nightmare where the whole world is part of it; sick, sick and getting sicker as a famous radio talkshow host used to say.