02 March 2020



Just a few days away from elections in Israel, I would like to share some observations and thoughts.

I should say up front that I am not a big Bibi fan. Some of his actions or inactions have greatly disappointed me and I do not have any hope that he will find the strength to change.

There are people in politics today that I have more faith in to do what is right for the land of Israel and our Jewish traditions and values, but they are presently not candidates for the job.

Netanyahu has indeed accomplished big things for Israel on the economic, tech, energy front and in diplomacy abroad. His tenacity with the Iran threat is to be appreciated very much.He would want the best for the Jews in every case if he only had the courage to do the right thing more often. (I think of his embracing Arafat with all smiles, support for the Gush Katif expulsion, the Hevron and Wye plantations capitulations, his soft record on Jewish settlement and curbing massive illegal Arab land grabs..)

He would like to do more good, I believe, but he does not have it within him.

On the other side, the "Center- Left, " do not struggle with any inner doubts about how to strengthen the Jewish state and people. They are just waiting for the chance to expel lots and lots of Jews from their homes who live in "occupied" Arab territories and create a terror state in its stead. They are eager to make Israel as less a Jewish country as possible and more part of the Global Village.There is not an illegal infiltrator (amongst tens of thousands of illegals) from Muslim Sudan, Eritrea and elsewhere for whom the Left will not battle. Don't be surprised that none of these humanitarian cases live anywhere near their principled protectors on the Left.

In their desperation for power that drifts from them more and more, the Left has long abandoned even the veneer of classic Zionism. Knowing that the large majority of Jews do not share their global village vision and won't be fooled, they turn to the Arabs of Israel and beg them for their support in the battle against those who are uncomfortably just too Jewish for them and for their Arab friends.
Just today "Blue and White"("Center-Left") MK Ram Ben Barak (former deputy Mossad chief!) promised the Arabs of Israel that his party would drop the word Jewish from the "National Law" that states the importance of Jewish settlement in the Galilee and Negev.

This is just classic Zionism but immoral today for the LeftBen Barak tells the Arabs that this is racism and his party sees settlement of the land by all Israelis, Jew and Arab as a national goal. Vote for Blue and White and thus diminish the Jewish character of Israel.They have sold their souls and are eager to sell our land. Between shame and power, power wins. Anything for power.

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