05 March 2020

Ancient Segula to Prevent Plagues

Due to the confusion in Israel that is being caused by the virus, an ancient Segulah to prevent plagues has been uncovered. [YWN what confusion?]

In the early writings of Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropol there is found a Segulah against plagues. The Segulah consists of reciting the translation of Onkelos for the passages relating to the travels of the Bnei Yisrael at the end of Sefer Bamidbar. Rabbi Shimshon claims that this is a preventative measure against plagues.

Rabbi Shimshon, who is referred to by the Chida as a “Godly Kabbalist” died al-kiddush Hashem during the Khmelnytsky massacre in 1648. He wrote numerous Kabbalistic works and a Torah commentary known as Nitzotzay Shimshon. His most famous work is the Erev Pesach Letter called ‘Maamar Sod Eztba Elokim’ on the ten Makos, which is another Segulah that assures blessing to those that study it.

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