23 June 2018


The Leftists and Erev Rav Jews of America have fallen over the cliff of decency:

Donald Trump Jr.’s Daughter Chloe Threatened:
‘We’re coming for Chloe, too’
On Wednesday actor Peter Fonda, brother of Hanoi Jane Fonda,
threatened Donald Trump’s 12-year-old son Barron . . . .
Hollywood writer Pat Dussault responded to Peter Fonda’s threat of Barron Trump by going after POTUS’ granddaughter and Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter Chloe

Source:  GatewayPundit but do not read it, because it is too insanely gross.


"Google search of the terms “Trump Nazi,” brings up 70,900,000 results.

"His daughter Ivanka is Jewish. His daughter-in-law is Jewish. Half his grandchildren are Jewish and his non-Jewish ex-daughter-in-law is half Jewish.

"How many Nazis have Hanukka celebrations in their homes starring their Jewish grandchildren?

"Beyond his *Jewish immediate family, Trump has shown extraordinary friendship to the Jewish state. It isn’t simply that Trump kept the promise none of his predecessors kept and moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, although that would have sufficed to prove his friendship.

"Trump shows his friendship and respect for Israel every single day.”

So what explains the 70,900,000 results to the “Trump Nazi” Google search? "US government policy of separating illegal immigrant minors from their illegal immigrant parents.”

[At this point I recommend reading "Illegal Aliens Fatally Separate American Parents and Children” by SultanKnish]

Trump signed an Executive Order banning OBAMA ADMINISTRATION PRACTICE [the Obama administration separated children from their parents, placed them in cages and wrapped them in aluminum foil]  US government policy separating illegal immigrant minors from their illegal immigrant parents. (edited for brevity)

[Id like to suggest something here. Maybe give DNA tests to these male teenage children to see if they really belong to their so-called parents, and are not just teenagers trying to enter on their own. Like the Muslims into Europe?]


So this is why it can be said that the American Leftists exhibit and spew insanity in their hatred for President Trump. They accuse the Far-Right (i hate that term) Republicans of having Nazi leanings, when they, the Leftists, sound just like the Fuhrers spewing their insanity about the Jews.

* Trump learns Torah secretly (as if with Rebbe in the Cave) and maybe, like Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus wikipedia he may join the Jewish People. We shall see what develops.


Anonymous said...

They never had decency! This whole brouha is about Trump not wanting to go along with this new universal global plan and they will go to any lengths to try and get him out. He is a true patriot and cares for the country and their whole goal is the opposite. Rational people understand this already. It is the uninformed they cater to because of the insane indoctrination in the last few decades of the populations.

Neshama said...

Totally agree!
This “victim rationalization” is a disease that is sweeping the world. And they are not overlooking Israel [impostor palestinians. wikipedia: "impose upon or deceive”]