28 June 2018

Afterthoughts of a Non-Political Visit by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge

Afterthoughts of a Non-Political Visit by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge

“The duke is not a political figure,” Quarrey went on. “He’ll be here to see a little bit of the country and to get to meet some of the people here.”

England's Prince William refused to meet with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat in the Old City over fears that such a move would be interpreted as support for Jerusalem being Israel's capital. According to the Hadashot report, William would only agree to meet with Barkat at the British Embassy in Ramat Gan.

British Prince William said Wednesday that "Britain stands by Israel and works to preserve its future and prosperity."

“I’m very glad our two COUNTRIES work so closely together and have had success stories with education and relief work in the past, so, long may that continue,” the royal told Abbas

An Interesting Synopsis
Prince William's visit to Israel is elegantly, royally late—by several decades. Finally, the regular group of naysayers at the British Foreign Office has been defeated, and courtesy of Prime Minister Theresa May's government, Israel is receiving an official visit from a member of the most well-known family in the world. This is an important gesture—even if it's a late one—to mark Israel's 70th Independence Day.

In political terms, it's true: Prince William, like the rest of the family, is a chess piece used to achieve the strategic goals set by the British government.

But there is symbolic meaning here—by virtue of the continuity of the monarchy in the British Isles from the days of William the Conqueror. One of the biggest mistakes made by the elites in the West is the contempt toward symbols that create meaning and identity. In the era of globalization, the British monarchy is nevertheless more popular than ever; perhaps because people need anchors of tradition in a fast and changing world.

The British feeling of isolation is further increasing because when turning to its great partner across the Atlantic Ocean, the United States, they encounter President Donald Trump. The British premier's relationship with Trump is worse, according to rumors, even than the relationship between German Chancellor Merkel and Trump. YNetnews

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