11 June 2018

"There is NO Future for Orthodox Jews in the UK"


'GREAT’ BRITAIN: "There is no future for Orthodox Jews in the UK”. Hasidic leader in London says government demands that Jewish schools teach about gay marriage will force Orthodox Jews to leave Britain. Rabbi Klein, the director of the Belz Hassidic community’s educational institutions in London, “If we do not speak up and the draft is not amended to accommodate our needs, then there is no future for the Orthodox community in modern Britain and the document effectively acts as an eviction notice to our community.”  arutzsheva


GERMANY: Migrant Suspected in Jewish Girl’s Murder in Germany Arrested in Iraq. Outrage in Germany, and questions for police, after murder, rape of Jewish girl. […] Case raises fresh doubts about Berlin's policy toward migrants.  timesofisrael
[sample headlines: Suspect said to confess to rape, killing of German Jewish teen Susanna Feldman – Outrage in Germany, and questions for police, after murder, rape of Jewish girl – Community ‘shocked, aghast’ after German-Jewish teen found raped, murdered.  These blind by leftist ideology, cannot see that this is the typical response of terrorists toward women: rape and kill. Some believe “integration” into their society will cure “rape and kill”. NO, this is the act of a less-than-human creation (a pere adam).] 

IRAQ: DEATH TO ISRAEL’: Thousands March In Iraq, Iran  YWN In the capitals of Iran and Iraq, thousands of Shiite Muslims marked Jerusalem Day with protests, with some chanting “Death to Israel” or burning Israeli flags and effigies of President Donald Trump.

BRUSSELS: 'Police officer told me to take off my kippah'
European Jewish leader Rabbi Menachem Margolin says Brussels police told him to remove his kippah at his own event. "I was just requested by a security officer to remove my kippah for security reasons," Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the founder of the European Jewish Association and Europe Israel Public Affairs, told Arutz Sheva outside the event. "But I will never do it," said Rabbi Margolin. arutzsheva

DENMARK: Bill to Ban Bris Milah Reaches Danish Parliament

[you may say that these things have happened throughout the years; however, because they happen and no one is hurt that Hashem is watching over.  Maybe they are warnings of what’s to come? when lone perpetrators or gangs think they can get away with harassing or hurting Jews, this means there is no protection.]

NEW YORK: Gang Of 5 Arrested At Evergreen Supermarket In Monsey – 1 Armed With Knife. A violent group of five males – one armed with a knife – were arrested at Evergreen Supermarket in Monsey on Thursday afternoon. Sources tell YWN that earlier this week, the same group of teens drove their bikes into the supermarket, and started randomly taking things off the shelves. The manager tried to stop them, and questioned them about stealing, and chased them out of the store – leaving one of their bikes behind. YWN

NEW YORK: Gas Explosion and Blaze At Quaker Hill Bungalows Near Kiryas Yoel Injures 14 Novaminsk Yeshiva Bochrim. The talmidim of the 12th grade were to have spent Shabbos in the Quaker Hill bungalow, in upstate New York, with the Novominsker Rebbe, shlita. According to NBC News, Vini Tankasali, Department Commissioner of Emergency Services for Orange County said that fourteen people were injured when the Monroe bungalow went up in flames. The injured are being treated in a local hospital. One bachur had serious burns on both his hands and legs.  HaModia

NEW YORK: Crash at Monticello Bungalow Colony Ends in Minor Injuries. Local Hatzolah and the Fire Department were on the scene Sunday at the “Kol Tov” bungalow colony on Downs Road, after an elderly driver lost control of his car and slammed into a bungalow. B’chasdei Shamayim, no serious damage or injuries were caused.

NEW YORK: MIRACLE ON THE GOETHALS: Boro Park Yeshiva Bus Overturns On Goethals Bridge In NJ – Minor Injuries Reported. YWN

AMERICA: Does Mueller have an Israel problem?
Conservative Review says that the Special Counsel has an unsavory history of suspicion directed against Israel and Jews. When he was FBI director, in 2004, the FBI alleged that a massive Israeli spy ring was operating out of the Pentagon. "Yet it later turned out that the allegations were completely bogus," writes Schachtel. "There was no Israeli spy ring, but rather, what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to target Jews for prosecution."

Last month, Mueller sent a team of investigators to Israel in an attempt to verify allegations that Israeli social media and consulting firms colluded with the president to secure his victory. The companies have denied that they ever worked with the Trump campaign, either in an official or unofficial capacity.arutzsheva

AMERICA:  UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS SPEWING ANTI-SEMITISM. Dr. Clyde Magarelli has been irking pupils for decades, even downplaying how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust. "A sociology professor at William Paterson University of New Jersey in Wayne has been recorded on video espousing a series of anti-Semitic beliefs about Jews. They include the ideas that Ashkenazi Jews are not genetically related to the ancient Israelites; that 175,000 German Jews found safe harbor in the German army during the Holocaust; and that Judaism has degenerated from a universal religion, with roots in ancient Egypt, to a racist religion.” jewishstandard at timesosisrael

"Jewish groups have criticized Rutgers University — like William Paterson a New Jersey state university — for continuing to employ two professors who made anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks” JTA

REMEMBER “Multiculturalism” Prof. Pnina Peri (J Streeter), who berated a loud obnoxious diatribe against Tefillin wearer? [wife of Yoram Peri, a professor of sociology who served as president of the New Israel Fund; head of Bildenhorn Institute for Israel at U of Md]? The Coalition for Jewish Values, says it represents over 1000 Rabbis in the US, asked that Peri’s employers at the University of Maryland and the American University “immediately review the coarse load assigned to Prof Peri for the upcoming semester” as “one could not anticipate that the woman portrayed on that video would necessarily treat [religious students] impartially and with complete fairness.” “Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, CJB’s East Coast regional VP: “[…] She needs to be dismissed immediately […]. Culled from Hamodia News, June 7 edition.
STUDENT IMPRESSIONS OF PROF PERI:  “Most horrible person I ever met; on the whole one of the worst professors … lectures were factually inaccurate and she routinely berated students for pointing out … or disagreeing with with her; she denigrates Jewish practice and culture … I felt very uncomfortable as a Jew taking her class. Culled from Hamodia News, June 7 edition

IMAGINE HOW OTHER JEWS IN OTHER AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES ARE ACCOSTED BY SUCH SOCIALIST MULTICULTURALISM? The attempt to brainwash and coerce students into believing their anti-Jewish propaganda is much like non-Jewish Missionaries stealthily accosting ignorant (of Judaism) Jews and Israelis.

MISSIONARIES IN MEAH SHEARIM Distributed copies of their “New Testament in Yiddish”; in the cover of the night darkness, members of Messianic Jewish Cult stealthily placed their million dollar printed project on the doorsteps of homes and businesses in Charedi Mea Shearim. They’re not satisfied with capturing Jewish neshomas in the grape fields of Israel, or in secular Kibbutzim.

Multiculturalism is Anti-Semitism, the same as BDS is Anti-Semitism.

*Included in these signs are the massive Volcanoes awakening after thousands of years dormant, spewing lava and ash clouds into the atmosphere, for all to see and be aware of.


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Wonderful and informative post. Readers should distribute to others so those who are unaware of and understanding of what's happening can be alerted and learn from it.

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Who are the Palestinians?


Ancient Roman historians identified JEWS as
the inhabitants of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem



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