20 June 2018


by David Ben Horin

Instead of negotiating with us, offering some sort of compromise, expressing any type of willingness to live a normal life, Hamas has resorted to flying kites full with gas, chemicals, and fire for the sole purpose of burning our land. To date, over 1,000 acres of Israel’s finest greenery has been reduced to ashes.

Outside my hometown of Afula, two monsters drove by a children’s Agricultural School and threw Molotov cocktails at the fields, burning down a portion of the school grounds.

An 18 year old girl on her way to exams was stabbed and almost killed by a terrorist inside the city.

It’s a constant reminder of who they are, and who we are. We build. We educate our children. We grow. We are a free society that rewards citizens for their efforts, and their contributions to the nation and mankind. We honor the sanctity of the Land God gave us by enabling it to grow to its full splendor.

They burn. They destroy. They force their children to be ignorant. They replace their childhood with horror by teaching them how to hate, how to hurt, and how to kill. Achievement is not rewarded. People get paid to murder innocent men, women, children, and babies. They get money to burn the Land God gave us.

They pray 5 times a day that God will continue the work of Adolph Hitler in wiping us out. We pray for peace every time we recite the Shemonei Esrei, Aleinu, and Kaddish – all parts of every set of Jewish prayers. We can’t eat a morsel of bread without asking Hashem for peace.

I love the Land with all my being. It brings untold happiness to my family. Thank G-d, Hashem has put us in a place that is very, very good. I abhor hate, anger, and sadness. But even happy people admit that there are times when these avenues are necessary, even if just for a quick detour.

Hate is love inverted. It’s what you feel when you are willing to go to any length to protect what you love. Only when you love something so much, can you garner so much energy to protect it. We love the Land, so we hate with every fiber of our being any monster who would dare harm it.

There are moments when we need to unleash. Where we shouldn’t care a wink about what the snowflakes over in Burbank studios think, or about what the dystopian Democrats will whine about in their morning papers.

These monsters burnt our Land. A pack of soulless animals burnt a piece of our soul. Rabid savages burnt a piece of our heart.

I know people who wear $100 shirts who bend down and pick up a dirty carton of cigarettes simply because it is lying on the streets of our Land. They see Israel as a trust God gave to us to guard over. Even a piece of trash in a public area is an abomination. He even runs into the middle of the street if there is something detestable.

We are the only nation on earth to have more trees alive and well today than 100 years ago. Every year, a billion fiery red Kalanit flowers light up the Land. Oranges are in bloom in the autumn. Olives sprout in late summer. The Land is our life.

We are a peaceful nation who appreciates those among our cousins who focus their efforts on loving their families. We desire tranquility with those willing to live here as law abiding Israeli citizens.

I know people who wear $100 shirts who bend down and pick up a dirty carton of cigarettes simply because it is lying on the streets of our Land.

But for those who wish to desecrate our Land, know this. You are desecrating our Torah and our God. The passion we Jews have for our God, strengthened over four thousand years, makes ISIS and Iran look like pussycats. Remember Shimshon the Judge? He was the first one to sacrifice his life in the Name of God in order to kill as many idolaters as he could. So were the warriors at Massada.

They didn’t do it for a lifetime pension for their mommies. They did it for God.

Remember the Maccabees? They weren’t spineless cowards aiming at women and children. They fought a war against the mightiest empire that ever existed to defend God’s Honor.

They didn’t do it to share a cup of coffee in Diezinghoff street. They did it so they could serve God.

We will sacrifice more, and fight harder for God than you ever have, and you ever will.

If you burn our land and mock our God, mark my words: There will be blood.

Living in Israel for over 15 years, I want to share with you the real story. The country I live in is happy, laid back, focused, and rich in so many areas of life. It is my greatest desire to share with you all the emotional, physical, and spiritual wealth the State of Israel offers, and to give you a taste of the sublime happiness we all feel here each and every day. My name is David Ben Horin and this is my treasure trove of the Land of Israel.

Source: arutzsheva 

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Anonymous said...

The author of this post does not have to defend himself for defending his family, people and Land. It is his natural obligation and apologizing is wrong. Shlomo HaMelech said there is a time for war, a time for peace, a time to hate and a time to love. We hate our enemies who want to destroy us, duh! Isn't that a natural response which H' put into us? of course. But twisted thinking comes into play when people are constantly indoctrinated with foreigh ideaologies such as what's been done for the last three decades into the public's psyche. The army has become impotent by standing by and allowing the enemy to rule instead of defending its citizens and Land. Be proud to stand for Torah and what G-D commands, that is what is most important and be victorious. Reading the news on a daily basis we see how the Torah is pure truth as it states, 'when you are kind to the cruel, eventually you become cruel to the kind'. Torturing Jewish youth for standing up for righteousness and being kind to the enemy who murders and wants to totally destroy the Jewish people is 'sick'.