14 June 2018

Rabbi Mizrachi on Parshas Korach and . . . Dirt of Politics and more

Rabbi Mizrachi on Parshas Korach and . . .
(I just finished listening to these shiurim and was not disappointed at all – heard many new things)

Current Events: Big Shot and Rocketman; body language (the sub-conscious);
From The Deep, The Bottom To The Top Of The World – Parashat Korach

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A Lesson In Politics From The Torah
on Parshiot Shlach and Korach

Korach occurred before Shlach
What you do comes back to you like a boomerang
The connection is that of the Lashon Hara of Miriam, and then the Lashon Hara on the Land of Israel
The Desert of Paran where the Sin of the Spies took place.
The “Dirt” of politics
Poison of Gay Marriage up for a vote in Knesset  (41 neged 38) [me: a horrible tragedy]
(parsha begins at 25 min)

Listen to this video for a wonderful discussion on the Rabbi’s Amazing Kiruv Success, and Sin and Punishment reality; how the Reform redesign the Torah and remove all fear and about the chemical missiles in Syria headed for Lebanon!  (beginning to 33 min.)

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