11 June 2018

How Can This be Happening on our Planet

As the Sun Sets in the West the Moon Rises in the East. The Sun Rises in the East as the Moon sets in the West. But at what time does this happen?
It was 3am and I awoke to see the Moon’s Very Bright Glow from the Eastern Sky shining onto my wall. But it was 3-4am and the Sun was expected to Glow and Rise near 5-6am. How fast could that moon get to the Western Sky? What was happening here?

How Can This be Happening on our Planet 
and Media Doesn’t Report It

“Explosive volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays: Volcano as a bubble chamber"
"It is almost unthinkable that the media is not reporting on the inter-connections of the massive uptick in Earth changes we are seeing at the moment. Snows in June in seven countries in the Northern Hemisphere, the relationship between increasing galactic cosmic rays and volcanic eruptions and how this in-turn effects our crops globally. They don't want to talk about crop losses or the connecting to next year being more unusual than this year with heavier losses on tap in 2019. This is a full explanation how it all intersects and a forecast going out to 2021.”

Water Returns To Ancient Cities and River Channels After 3000+ Years of Drought 

With river channels filling after thousands of years or being dry in Afghanistan, and also next to abandoned ruins and the same thing happening in in east Africa as lakes not full since the end of the mid-Holocene refilling, we seriously need to ask ourselves if this isn't a 3000 year + cycle we are repeating, not just a regular 400 year Grand Solar Minimum.

2018-2019 Forecast: Where Crop Yields will Decline Globally

This is a forecast based on repeated Y-O-Y losses, and persistent below normal temperatures in the same crop zones. The map series is for 2018-2019 and covers Australia, China, South Africa, USA / Canada. Ive included some commodity prices as well so you get an indication of where food prices are headed.

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