12 June 2018


Netiv Haavot supporter on scene during evacuation
Disgrace of the High Court of INJUSTICE (must hear)

To hear a video explaining the background to this atrocity, here is the link @ JewishPress. This is the face of the video:

screen shot of video on Jewish Press (Facebook)

Look at the Gear to Tear Down a Solid Home

Sovereignty Movement co-chair Nadia Matar arrived at Netiv Ha'avot today in solidarity with the Jews being evacuated from their homes today. Nadia Matar at evacuation in Gush Etzion.

Security forces are preparing to demolish the buildings in the Nativ Ha'avot neighborhood of Elazar in Gush Etzion, following a Supreme Court decision in December 2016 ordering the neighborhood's demolition after a disputed strip of land was found to run through it.

I wonder if there is any correlation to the new consciousness that has taken hold in Efrat.

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