17 June 2018

TAMMUZ – The Month of Devastation: TAPUACH WEST EVACUATION follows Netiv HaAvot

Evacuation and Destruction of Tapuach West has Begun
4 Tammuz 5778 – June 17, 2018

Hundred of Israeli Border Police have begun gathering to evacuate the neighborhood of Tapuch West **(Tal Binyamin), in the Shomron. Jewishpress

Some of the homes are built on State land, and others are built on land that has not yet been designated (“Seker Lands”). A year ago the Israeli High Court ordered the 17 homes on the hilltop destroyed, including those that had permits from the Civil Administration. As always, the process began when leftwing NGO petitioned the court to destroy the neighborhood.

Sunday, the 10 buildings in Tapuah West in Samaria, which are expected to be demolished following a Supreme Court order.

EVIL INCARNATE: The case was bought by the Yesh Din organization against the residents of West Tapuah on behalf of 15 residents of the nearby Palestinian village of Yasuf who claim to be the owners of the land. The court found that some 17 buildings were built intentionally in an area known to be privately owned. Yesh Din said in response it was dismayed by the ruling, insisting it did not go far enough. timesofisrael

UPDATE: "They threw away NIS 12 million here to evacuate six families. We, together with the Defense Ministry, found a solution a year ago, without asking a shekel from the State. We moved three houses out of the six, two are being moved now, and one that can't be moved, we built a new one its place," charged Hertzlich. Kann Moreshet reporter Meni Shwatrz points out the difficult scenes from the Tapuach evacuation are a little reminiscent of the first Amona eviction. "The settlers claim there's no binding legal decision but rather a directive from the Defense Ministry. If that's indeed true, I wonder: Wasn't Defense Minister Liberman once a rightist?! Initiating a violent evacuation of Jews without being forced to?!"

Like Netiv Ha’Avot in Gush Etzion, another neighborhood, which could have been saved, is being destroyed by the Likud government.

A positive unintended side effect is that 1000 dunams (247 acres) of land between Tapuach and Ariel can now be approved by the government for construction.

**According to the Israel Rising website, “Twenty years ago, young families moved up to the “Tal Binyamin” hill (named after Talya and Binyamin Kahane HY”D, who were murdered in a shooting attack in 2001), just west of Kfar Tapuach, with the assistance of the Settlement Division, in accordance with decisions made by the State. One of those families were Rivka and Moshe Herzlich. Moshe is the brother of Talya Kahane HY”D, after whom the outpost is named.”

On Monday, Israeli lawmakers passed the Regulation Law, a measure that allows Israel to retroactively legalize the appropriation of Palestinian land by Jewish settlers, if it was done unknowingly, and compensate the landowners instead of removing the outposts.

REGULATION LAW: The Judea and Samaria Settlement Regulation Law (Hebrew: חוק להסדרת ההתיישבות ביהודה והשומרון‎), commonly known as the Regulation Law (Hebrew: חוק ההסדרה‎) or sometimes the Regularization Law, is an Israeli law that aims to retroactively legalize Israeli settlements in the West Bank Area C. It is meant to "regulate”. timesofisrael

The Senseless Destruction of Netiv HaAvot 

The truth about the destruction, Rav Richter:

(strong words and “coincidences”)

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Anonymous said...

Everyone with any IQ know that the arabs claiming it's their property is a complete and absolute lie; but it doesn't matter as long as the mini-dictatorship of the court rules, this will continue. Evil is the name of their game. It's all part of the nwo (Migdal Bavel); but as all evil ia temporary, so are they and their goals.
Only H', His people, His Torah, His Land & only good are eternal.
Hopefully, Moshiach is closer than we think because this cannot go on much longer.