13 June 2018


"R' Yochanan said: Three keys the Holy One blessed be He has retained in His own hands and not entrusted to the hand of any messenger, namely, the Key of Rain, the Key of Childbirth, and the Key of the Revival of the Dead" (Taanit 2a).

As the Talmud says, “The day when rain falls is as great as the day on which heaven and earth were created (Ta’anit 8b
[some view the glass half empty, i rather see it filling with rain]
Does not anyone see the Hand of HaShem in this providential Rain?


Winter hits Israel - in June
Rain causes flooding along Israel's coast, with thunderstorms causing power outages in northern cities. arutzsheva 

[me:  we have been receiving notices of possible rain and thundershowers in our daily weather reports since after Shavuos, and even after Pesach. the world’s weather is erratic and unpredictable, so likewise for Eretz Yisrael. But our rain from Shamayim is measured to us only via Hashem who controls the blessing (shefa).]

Rainfall on Wednesday morning caused flooding in the southern cities of Sderot and Ashkelon, with cars sinking into the water.

Sderot resident David Mansour told Army Radio, "The entire city has turned into Venice. Everything is flooded, the playground and ten cars are sitting in puddles. No one enters or leaves the marketplace. The infrastructure is old and we haven't invested in it, we invest only in cosmetics. So now you have rain, and this is what happens."

Rain also fell further north along the coast, as well as in the western Galilee, with strong rainfall and thunderstorms overnight. In the northern cities of Ma'alot and Karmiel, the storms caused power outages.

Ashkelon has received 35 millimeters (1.38") of rain, while the Sharon region and the central city of Rishon Lezion received 8 millimeters (.31") of rain.


*Yes I know cars are floating and streets are flooded – But whatever Hashem does is for the (eventual) GOOD and because of Am Yisrael.

*A note of importance and could be the additional reason for the flooding: Tel Aviv and the East Coast of Israel held the LARGEST PARADE OF HALF NUDE MEN AND WOMEN PROUDLY DECLARING THEIR CONFUSED GENDER IDENTITY. HUGE CROWDs at the TA BEACH

*Now this is PUNISHMENT: 'Danger to life' Storm Hector threatens flying debris, travel chaos and blackouts as it smashes Britain tomorrow with rain and wind pushing into next week. Parts of Britain could be hit by 70mph winds tomorrow as Storm Hector barrels in from the Atlantic Ocean - with forecasters warn flying debris could pose a 'danger to life’. dailymail

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Rachel said...

I wish I knew why Hashem didn't release pouring rain ON TOP OF the toeva parade? That would have sent such a deliciously clear message!