06 June 2018


JERUSALEM is the EYE of the Universe. (R’ Kaplan)

ERETZ YISRAEL is the center of the world and was given to Yaakov’s descendants (Rashi)

AM YISRAEL is the Apple of the Eye of Hashem
AM YISRAEL is the chosen of the Nations

TORAH is central to Jewish Life and Perpetuation of Am Yisrael in the Golus

THE WRITTEN AND ORAL TORAH lives and breathes through history.

THE SABBATH Keeps the Nation of Israel. More than Jews kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has preserved the Jews.

Many among the Nations have persecuted and tried to vanquish the Jews, but the Torah and Jewish way of life guaranteed their survival. If and when they slackened in holding tight to the Torah they were punished but not obliterated. Many through the ages have sought to destroy the Torah (prohibitions, burning of sacred texts, pogroms and murder), but more than the Jews survived the Torah survived.

HASHEM looked into the Torah and created the Universe. If the Torah is not studied night and day, the world would cease. The Sages are the guardians of the Torah.

After many years diluted among the non-Jewish Nations the Guardians of the Torah decreed that “henceforth” a Jew is born of a Jewish Mother. Non-Jews who want to join the Jewish Nation must accept the Teachings of the Torah entirely, keep the Laws, Kashrus, and raise their children in the Faith. One need not look like or live like the Haredim, but must to the best of their ability keep Halacha.

JEWISH EDUCATION is to be instilled in Jewish Youth by the Daughters of Jewish Mothers.

CENTRALIZED EDUCATION was initiated by the Early Sages of the Mishnah.


THE TORAH WAY OF LIFE has been jeopardized many times during our long saga through each Golus.

HOWEVER, it is now being attacked from within by those who broke away from the laws of the Written and Oral Torah in the recent 200 years of our wandering through history. These splintered group(s) are challenging and attacking the very meaning of what defines a Jew. It’s as if these newcomers wish to create a ‘new Torah’ of their deciding, turning their back on our beginnings in Mitzrayim, Deliverance by G–D from Slavery, led by Moses, and through the Mt Sinai Experience became a Nation devoted to G–D, the Creator of the Universe.

MANY NEWCOMERS on the historical scene, all professing to be Leaders and the legitimate arbiters of the godly purpose: Mohammedans, Xtians, Buddhists, and many others. But only Am Yisrael and the Torah are Authentic.

THE WRITTEN AND ORAL TORAH has been our guide for living. We Jews are a People, a Nation, and a Way of Life.

The newcomers do not live by G–D’s Torah as handed down; especially those who today are challenging the Rabbinic Decisors of Israel in their Preservation of the Nation of G–D’s Chosen People.

During the early years the formation of deciphering the laws of the Written Torah, delineated through the Oral Torah, was elucidated to Moshe by G–D. 

There was an influx of converts from the peoples, who recognized the TRUTH and SACREDNESS of our Torah. These new Jews contributed greatly to understanding and perpetuating the lives of the fledgling Jewish Nation. But these converts accepted the entire Torah and thereafter taught the Jews.

Our Rabbinic Fathers established criteria for accepting converts into our lineage. However through the ages rarely did Non-Jews want to belong to our People. It was too dangerous. Now Today the most recent newcomers want to establish their own norms, discarding Laws that explain and decipher the Holy Words of the Written Torah.

RABBIS OF THE BEIS DIN OF ERETZ YISRAEL receive via Siata D’Shemaya by virtue of living on the Land, in our Holy City of Jerusalem, the place of Mount Moriya and the remains of our First and Second Holy Temples, how to lead the Nation despite the slings and arrows of those who would tear down the Word of G–D.

OUR WORLD was created for 6000 years before entering the 7th Millennium, the Day of All Shabbos. This is still not the completion of the intended Creation. Those Neshomas who survived through each Golus, who have completed their TESHUVA (for not having sufficient HaKoras HaTov, EMUNA and BITACHON in Hashem) will LIVE to enter the Day that is All Shabbos.

Since we are now in the twilight days of this World, it is necessary to prepare oneself for the completion of the 6000 in fulfillment of the Purpose of the World.

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