18 June 2018

How to Deal With Hamas in Gaza?

ANALYSIS: How to deal with Hamas in Gaza
IDF brass talk of easing Gaza economic crisis as solution, experts disagree. arutzsheva

This is becoming a

The IDF is looking more and more like a comic act against Terrorism. So afraid of the UN and the International Enemies of the State of Israel, the so-called upper echelon of Israel’s “Most Humane Army in the World” is now making inept decisions that are NOT protecting farmlands, nature reserves, homes, and families.

What in the world are they thinking?

They are playing right into the hands of our enemies by deciding to give terrorists “REWARDS” for their terrorizing strategies. What will be next? A Pulitzer Prize . . .  or


Who is Leading Israel?

"According to our generals, Israel needs to shower Hamas with stuff. Food, medicine, water, electricity, medical supplies, concrete, cold hard cash, whatever Hamas needs, Israel should just hand it over in the name of humanitarian assistance.

"Every single time reporters ask the generals what Israel can do to end Hamas’s jihadist campaign, they give the same answer. Let’s shower them with stuff.

[. . .]

"Hamas is not Israel’s enemy because it lacks money or electricity. It is Israel’s enemy because it is a jihadist terrorist group committed to the annihilation of the Jewish people. No amount of free electricity or medicine will change this basic truth.

"Hamas will not transfer the bodies of Israel’s fallen soldiers or release the Israelis it holds hostage because Israel gives it money or concrete. Hamas will not embrace Israel if Israel purifies the Gaza water supply which Hamas deliberately polluted by over-drilling.

"The fact that the IDF General Staff hasn’t figured this out does not speak well of our generals’ cognitive capabilities.

[. . .]

"Rather than consider new ways to handle old threats, the IDF repeated the tactics it has used to inconclusive ends for the past decade.

Source: CarolineGlick

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Anonymous said...

The actions of the SOI since Oslo are insane. Maybe this is the way it is leading to the self-destruction of the State, opening the way to Jewish Eretz Yisrael. The unJewish behavior of the state against its citizens, soldiers and Jewish institutions have become openly clear to every rational person. Hopefully, there are still enough rational Jews to unite to demand that the insanity stops.