19 June 2018


Key Decision Expected Today in Duma Arson Case
Court rules this afternoon whether confessions of Duma murder suspects are admissible despite having been extracted through torture.

The Lod District Court will publish its decision this afternoon, Tuesday, regarding the assertions made by the defendants in the Duma arson case, according to which their confessions, which they claim were extracted by Shin Bet interrogators with force and threats, are not admissible. arutzsheva

Home of Key Witness in Duma Arson-murder Catches Fire
Police say findings appear to rule out deliberate arson by Jews; Home of Ibrahim Dawabsheh reportedly targeted, human rights group says, months after he witnessed his relatives being killed in a firebomb attack. Police said they do not suspect any nationalist motive behind Sunday's fire, pointing at findings from the scene that don't indicate Jewish involvement. But details of the investigation were under gag-order. In Sunday's fire a Palestinian relative of the slain Dawabsheh family, was very lightly wounded from smoke inhalation. The house only sustained partial damage and there were no slogans daubed nearby that are more typical of attacks by Jewish extremists. 
NOTE:  WHAT HE WITNESSED “Their faces were covered with a balaclava, with only the mouth and eyes visible. The street light shone directly on them.” . . .as they stood over the burning bodies. Haaretz

So was this a frame by the Shabak? In order to threaten the patriotic “boys” who object to Arab Violence and Terrorism? 
Hamas/Arabs are not immune to killing their own people Hamas plans 13 public executions in Gaza Strip

Habima Square Shabak Torture Exhibit Lets Passersby Experience Duma Prisoners’ Agony

[A] display of torture was exhibited for the public at Habimah Square in Tel Aviv, where activists of Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Might in Hebrew) demonstrated how the suspects in the Duma Village arson case were tortured during their Shabak interrogations. The performance was based on the testimonies of Shabak interrogators in the Central District Court in Lod during the early trial proceedings.

Photo Credit: Otzma Yehudit
Earlier this year, the families of the defendants in the Duma Village case revealed that during the March 15 closing statements stage of the trial’s preliminary segment of the trial, the Central District Attorney’s office announced in an unprecedented fashion that they would withdraw from the indictments’ material several of the defendants’ confessions which were given during interrogations in which “special means,” which the families’ have said is a euphemism for torture, were used.

Passersby were invited to experience personally the Shabak “special means” by demonstrators who used the names of the agents who testified in court. On Tuesday, 72 prominent rabbis, including several yeshiva deans, wrote Prime Minister Netanyahu and Justice Minister Shaked, demanding that the legal proceedings in the Duma Village case be interrupted to allow for an investigative committee to look into the agents’ court testimonies of using torture to extract forced confessions from the accused youths. JPress

As Murder Case Reaches Climax, Discussion Over Jewish Minor Gets Heated

The minor, his parents and Honenu have accused the Shin Bet and the Israel Prisons Service, saying one of the minor’s interrogators sexually harassed him and that he was drugged.

The allegations against the Shin Bet for improper treatment obviously tie the two stories together. However, will we only know how serious the allegations against the current Jewish detainee are – in comparison to the July 2015 Duma murders of the Palestinian Dawabshe family – after the gag order is lifted.  JPost


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