19 June 2018


200 Year Journey of Mir Limud Hatorah

[Jun 6, 2017]  Two hundred years of uninterrupted Torah learning – a moment in a time, yet an eternity. This beautifully moving niggun, with its equally powerful lyrics written especially for Yeshivas Mir’s Bicentennial Anniversary Dinner, somehow manages to describe the indescribable.

It recounts the miraculous saga of Yeshivas Mir and its faithful allegiance to LimudhaTorah– beginning with its founding in 1817 in an unknown Polish hamlet with a minyan of talmidim – through the different periods until today, when its very name has become synonymous with immersion in learning blihefsek, regardless of circumstances.

The song takes you on a journey from the Yeshiva’s humble beginnings at the dawn of the age of the great European Yeshivos. The stirring Yiddish chorus, based on Tehillim 119, highlights the secret of the Mir’s survival: unrelenting hasmada in the face of all sorts of adversity. The lyrics vividly describe how the Yeshiva triumphed over world wars, devastation by fire, ideological battle of haskallah, financial disaster, and geographic upheaval.

Reverently eternalized are the various great leaders who stood at the Mir’s helm with heroic mesirusnefesh throughout the generations, guiding their talmidim and supporters who share in the continued success of the Mir until this day and beyond, until the arrival of Moshiach.

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