04 June 2018



She is a vile Jew hater.

She dedicates her life to the destruction of the Jewish state. She sits in the Knesset where she represents like thinking constituents and collects a very generous salary and tons of perks from the Jewish state.

Naturally, she is one of the most hated people amongst the Jews of Israel and a hero to the Arabs.


What you may think is very unnatural, is that very "pious" Jews with a very deep sense of Jewish identity and pride would ally themselves with this vile hater of the Jewish state.

You would think.

Think again.

The "haredi parties" - the ones that consider themselves, the "standard bearer of Judaism",  refuse to help kick this foul Arab enemy out of the Knesset.

As strange as it might seem, there is, of course, Israeli political sense to this unlikely anti-Israel alliance.

Politics is about "wash my back and I will wash yours".

The Arab back is washed by being able to continue with impunity, their hateful war against the Jewish state from within the Knesset.

The charedi parties back are washed with the Arab support they receive in keeping their young men out of the IDF.

I get it.
I want to throw up but I get it.

You will not hear a “me'sheberach" prayer for IDF soldiers or the Jewish state in charedi shuls.
Tsk, tsk, tsk..

We don't make changes to the liturgical tradition of centuries. (Except when they prayed for the Czar in Russia  the Kaiser in Germany  or the Queen of England...)

If it were possible, the Arab MK's would get the "shlishi" honor in their shuls in recognition of their irreplaceable principled support of Torah study.

Maybe they will just be invited as guests of honor at a special kiddush after davening, honoring the  "righteous gentiles" of our generation.

Is it any wonder that the two groups held in the least esteem among Jewish Israelis are the Arabs and charedim?

I guess there is a price for everything

Sad and shameful.


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Anonymous said...

Do believe this is part of the cleansing process of who is a Jew. The so-called power hungry chareidi politicians are of the Erev Rav. There is (read from Rabbi Winston's writings) an Erev Zair (something like that) who are the reincarnations of the followers of the spies who were content to live in the desert and forsake the Land of Israel, so they could sit and learn and do nothing else, as everything was provided to them from Above. It seems this is a followup. A Jew who could ally himself/herself with the enemy to benefit him/her and their group, is surely a questionable Jew (or even of the real Erev Rav). What a chaotic era, r'l.