22 June 2018


If The Arabs are Smiling
It is Bad News for the Jews


Kushner, Greenblatt due in Israel for talks on peace push, Gaza. US envoys wrapping up Middle East tour after whirlwind visits to Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Jordan king heads to US to discuss peace plan with Trump

Kushner and Greenblatt discuss Gaza, Trump’s peace plan with Qataris

Kushner, Egypt’s Sissi discuss Israel-Palestinian peace process

Headlines and photos from TimesofIsrael

NOTE: This blog is not the first (which I found after putting this together) to sense foreboding on the coming so-called Peace Plan. However, by Trump’s former actions on behalf of Jewish Israel, and that he has been learning portions of our Torah, there may be a surprise awaiting all. Two scenarios are possible: one, that the ‘Plan’ is favorable to the Jews and thus a war between Yishmael (Muslims) and Eisav (America); or a ‘world’ catastrophe occurs to block all implementation and crises arise that keep everyone very busy. 


In an article by Melanie Phillips in the Jerusalem Post, Melanie outlines pertinent information that should reflect wisely in any Peace Plan. This is not the subject of her article; it is about Prince William the future King of England.

"The issue here is not just the territorial status of the Old City. Contrary to the FCO’s formulation, there are no “occupied Palestinian territories.” That’s because there never were any Palestinian territories, and there is no “occupation.”

"The lands now constituting Israel, the “West Bank” and Gaza were occupied by the Ottoman Empire and then administered by Britain under the Palestine Mandate. After the 1948 Arab war of extermination against the new State of Israel, the area beyond the cease-fire lines, including east Jerusalem and the West Bank, was illegally occupied by Jordan.

"In a new book, Israel on Trial: How International Law is being Misused to Delegitimize the State of Israel, two international lawyers, Matthijs de Blois and Andrew Tucker, write that the assumption that these territories “belonged” to the Palestinian Arabs before Israel conquered them in 1967 is backed by neither law nor facts.

"In 1922, the League of Nations conferred upon Britain the mandate to facilitate the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

"When Israel was finally restored as a sovereign state in 1948, it inherited those rights to all of the land under the mandate – including Jerusalem and the “West Bank.”

So when Israel took possession of east Jerusalem and the “West Bank” in 1967, “it was taking physical possession of territory that – as a matter of law – already belonged to Israel.”

"The authors go on: “The law of occupation makes no sense, and has no application… when there is no sovereign power that is ‘ousted’ from the territory.” In 1967, there was no sovereign power to which the “West Bank” and east Jerusalem belonged. So under international law there is no occupation.

"So why does Britain’s FCO continue to propagate these inflammatory falsehoods?

This is from Prince William Comes to Israel by Melanie Phillips

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