18 June 2018


Aluminium is neurotoxic. Its free ion, Al3+ (aq), is highly biologically reactive and uniquely equipped to do damage to essential cellular (neuronal) biochemistry.

FAKE NEWS?  [Article on Yeshiva World News] Doctors are not warning about the deadly consequences of using aluminum foil, contrary to a story being shared on social media. Such online claims are not new. In one that surfaced this week on a diet and recipe site, the story suggests that aluminum is “neurotoxic” and can lead to mental decline — even Alzheimer’s disease. It also says using aluminum can lead to loss of balance and coordination and may damage bones.

[Response]  "Everyday exposure to aluminum is not considered a health hazard, experts said, and it is nearly impossible to avoid the metal. Most food, water, air and soil contain some
aluminum. It’s used in processing food and medicine, including flour, baking soda, antacids and buffered aspirin.

“Most researchers and health care professionals believe, based on current knowledge and information, that consumption and use of aluminum is not a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s,” said Heather Snyder, senior director of medical and scientific operations for the Alzheimer’s Association.

"Rules limit exposure to aluminum dust in the air to protect U.S. workers from breathing problems. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says food cooked in aluminum pots is generally considered to be safe. The CDC says the best way to avoid consuming aluminum is to limit intake of large quantities of antacids and buffered aspirin. YWN

Au Contraire

US National Library
of Medicine National
Institutes of Health

Aluminium neurotoxicity: neurobehavioural and oxidative aspects.

Kumar V1, Gill KD.
Author information

Aluminium is the most widely distributed metal in the environment and is extensively used in daily life that provides easy exposure to human beings. The exposure to this toxic metal occurs through air, food and water. However, there is no known physiological role for aluminium within the body and hence this metal may produce adverse physiological effects.

Chronic exposure of animals to aluminium is associated with behavioural, neuropathological and neurochemical changes. Among them, deficits of learning and behavioural functions are most evident. Some epidemiological studies have shown poor performance in cognitive tests and a higher abundance of neurological symptoms for workers occupationally exposed to aluminium. However, in contrast to well established neurotoxic effects, neurobehavioural studies of aluminium in rodents have generally not produced consistent results.

Current researches show that any impairment in mitochondrial functions may play a major role in many human disorders including neurodegenerative disorders. Being involved in the production of reactive oxygen species, aluminium may cause impairments in mitochondrial bioenergetics and may lead to the generation of oxidative stress which may lead to a gradual accumulation of oxidatively modified cellular proteins. In this review, the neuropathologies associated with aluminium exposure in terms of neurobehavioural changes have been discussed. In addition, the impact of aluminium on the mitochondrial functions has also been highlighted.

PMID: 19568732 DOI: 10.1007/s00204-009-0455-6



Toxic Components in chemtrails

1. Sulphate
     - Refrigerant, Volcanic Eruptions, Acid Rain, Acid Rain, respiratory issues, cancer, infertility
2. Metallic Aluminum, Aluminum Oxide
     - Electrical Conductor
3. Barium titanate
     - Photorefractive, Piezoelectric
4. Strontium 90
     - Radioactive, Decay generates much heat
5. Uranium 238 - Radiation Shielding
6. Thorium - increased luminosity, Photorefractive
7. Aluminum Oxide
     - Heart disease, Lung disease, headaches, damage central nervous system, Alzheimer’s
8. Barium
     - Higher doses affect the nervous system, causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness, anxiety, dyspnea and parlay

Meanwhile, chemtrails also sprays viruses, bacteria, nanoparticles, fibers, microtoxin fungi...

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What did you exprect from Yeshiva News. Like the majority of the main stream presstitue media they are also obviously sold out to the pharma mafia and maybe to even more sinster powers that be. Nice payments may do the trick for them and their ilk.