11 May 2021

THIS IS OUR LAND . . . GOD Gave It To Us!

 Jonathan Pollard addressed the Jerusalem Day celebration at the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem Monday night.

Pollard told listeners that, "since 1948, we've been making every effort to prove to the world that Jerusalem is our capital."

Pollard lay the blame for the world community refusing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital in the Israeli government's allowing the opening of foreign embassies on their doing so in the city.

Jonathan Pollard said the Jewish people didn't receive the Land of Israel from the League of Nations, the UN, or US, but that it was given to them by G-d.

Regarding Jerusalem, Pollard stated that the holy city was "not won during a battle in the June of 1967, after which we threw away the victory that G-d gave us" but the rightful inheritance of the Jewish nation.

The enemy is within our gates," he said stating that whether it's the PA, Hamas, or 'Woke' Biden administration, it's the oldest hatred known to man - that of anti-Semitism that led to the murder of a yeshiva student last week and today's attacks by Hamas in Gaza".

"This is our Land, G-d gave it to us, and if you don't like it, that's OK. We set the rules," he continued, adding, "You may have heard that the US wants to set up a PA embassy in Jerusalem. We can't allow this. If the Americans want to set up a Palestinian embassy in Washington, good luck. That's their business. But not here. Not in Israel. Not in Jerusalem."

Pollard said it was time for Israel to leave the UN, stating that "our presence in the UN is an insult to all our ancestors who gave their lives for this country."

Regarding Arab residents of Jerusalem, Pollard said Israel should give them one week to decide if they want to receive Israeli legal status and that if they don't, they should be stripped of all civil benefits.


Daniel Grad said...

US has become a sick state gradually since the end of WW2.
To imprison Pollard for 30 years because he gave Yisrael secret data from a friendly nation as US is sickness. Mark carefully the idea that Pollard was not a spy for an enemy of US!
What US did is a great sin to punish a man working for a friendly state.
Now, a free man, Pollard makes an assessment of the real US playing games with implacable enemies as Yisrael and Yishmael. Should we trust such a "friend"?
US display signs of irrationality that sooner or later leads to madness. In fact madness has become their major kind of behaviour both in internal and external politics. Yisrael should not listed to such power!
At least Trump was a rational man wanting to make straight a crooked country. If he didn't succeed the outcome is worst that before.
US is an alienated giant punching randomly all over the world.
Many of the American Jews have acquired sickness from the host country. Could they be trusted to support the noble cause of Yisrael?

Unknown said...

Is true