10 May 2021

Analysis of the War Being Fought Over Jerusalem and Har HaBayit

ARABS CELEBRATING THEIR 1967 TEMPLE MOUNT VICTORY the day after the Jewish Yom Yerushalayim

Rabbi Nachman Kahana reacted to the situation with simple wisdom.

“If you put on a shirt and button the first button wrong, nothing that comes after will be right,” Rabbi Kahana said. “From the outset of the nation, the Israeli government related to the Arabs improperly by ignoring their express hatred for the Jews and their stated unwillingness to recognize the Jewish right to live in Israel, or anywhere, for that matter.”

Rabbi Kahana noted that Monday was Yom Yerushalayim, the day when Jews celebrated their victory on the Temple Mount.

“But Tuesday is an Arab holiday when they celebrate their victory on the Temple Mount in 1967,” Rabbi Kahana said. He noted that Dayan ordered that the Israeli flag be removed from the Temple Mount.

“It is only fitting that on their Jerusalem Day of victory they raise their flag on the Temple Mount,” Rabbi Kahana said. “Moshe Dayan, for some reason, perhaps even for personal interest, relinquished the Temple Mount the Day after it was conquered without even anything in return. For the Arabs, that was an even greater victory than what the Jews won on the day before.”

“And they are still winning while we are still living with the mistakes that were made. There is no solution today because the problem didn’t start today or even yesterday. The mistake was made in 1948 and is being made over and over.” 

Source:  Israel365news


Daniel Grad said...

Shekhinah is hovering over the Temple Mount. She was brought by Mashiach on 12 Sept 2015 the last day of Shemitah year with Or hadash al Tzion ta'ir. Shekhinah will do the cleansing there and expands towards the Nile and the Euphrates.

Daniel Grad said...

The time in 1967 was no right to take over the Temple Mount and build the Temple. The nation was not mature enough.
We should keep in mind the final struggle between Yisrael and Yishmael, an event of world proportions, when the entire world is engaged. That is happening now. So, Dayan did the right thing to postpone the struggle.
The world currently is divided into the two major camps. We see the Chinese siding with Yishmael, an action not possible in 1967. We see India as a major ally. And Russia.
As for America, she is not part of the End of Days scenario, for that nation becomes nonexistent by that time.