18 May 2021

The House of David, an Eternal Dynasty

This is a very interesting statement about Yishai, Dovid’s father. The most amazing part is about the "Messianic Era."

It says, “Ishai begot David” and established the internal dynasty of the house of David, which will culminate in the revoking of the death decree during the Messianic era …”


moshe said...

Dovid means 'beloved of G-D'! Dovid Melech Yisrael Chai v'Kayam!
In Tehilim, we read where H' calls him, B'ni, My son.
All the G-D fearing Jews have an obligation to daven, do teshuvah, give tzadakah and do mitzvot and pray with deep fervor for the coming of Moshiach Ben Dovid! The world is on fire and only H' can help. As far as the radical leftist secular Jews are concerned, they have lost their moral compass and are no better than the amaleikim they support. 80% of the Jews in Mitzrayim did not leave and suffered the same fate as Egypt itself. But today's ignorant and uninformed so-called Jews have no idea about history and especially Jewish history, so they will be lost if they do not wake up and BEG forgiveness from the Almighty for their sinful behavior.
Forgiveness is for those who realize their evil ways and repent.
Why should the righteous be the kaparot for these evil doers? We have seen in the last few weeks so many karbanot, pure souls, who have given their lives and these turncoats keep on siding with evil. Praying that this be the end of these disasters and will open the gates of mercy, so Hashem will send us our Redeemer to end evil once and for all and bring blessings to His people and the world will know that there is only Hashem!

Neshama said...

Because HaShem wants the teshuva of every Jew (in Israel today) HE will keep the potches coming upon HIS children. It says so in the Torah. Some are very ignorantly stubborn. But when they realize that a portion of the Arabs do not want to war with Jews, but the terrorists do, it is encumber to eliminate the terrorists to give the rest a chance. Remember there are real Jews inside many Arabs.

Mashiach will identify WHO is a Jew and tell each Jew which tribe they descend from.

Daniel Grad said...

Let's imagine that Mashiach will make a decision regarding the actual conflict between Yisrael and the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza, West Bank, and Yisrael proper. What the Mashiach will do?

moshe said...

Why do we need to assess the conflict? Rabbi Kahane, ztl, H' Yikom damo, is the sole leader that brought out to the public that it is and was the obligation of the then "Jewish" leadership, as well as achshav to expel the enemy, as our Holy Torah commands. They did not listen and we have a people that is completely now galutified and has no perception between what is right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil. This now will surely be the job of Moshiach, H's servant, because there seems to be no other way to correct the great wrong. Think about so much bloodshed, when there had to be none. Stiff necked is good and righteous when it comes to being steadfast to H' & Torah, but to be stubborn against H' & Torah, is inexcusable.