12 May 2021

Back to the Shtetl?

 There is lots of turmoil IN Israel today (for a change).

What is exactly happening?

 Well let’s see; Arabs in Gaza are firing thousands of rockets into Israeli (Jewish) residential areas seeking to kill as many Jews as possible. (wasn’t Gaza supposed to be peaceful after we expelled all the Jews?)

At the same time, ecstatic at the sight of missiles raining down on the Jewish state, huge mobs of Israeli Arabs are attacking their Jewish neighbors throughout the country. Widespread injury, vandalism (burning synagogues, yeshivot, Torah scrolls, Jewish book stores etc..) intimidation and humiliation are their game.

Major highways and roads are closed to Jewish traffic due to Israeli Arab terror. In many parts of the countries fear leaving their homes which are oftentimes themselves targets of Arab attack. They peer in fear from cracks in their windows at the threatening Israeli street below.

Jewish poets and writers describe in dramatic and terrifying words this tragic Jewish experience. Humiliated and defenseless Jews in the shtetl were the subject of their astounded and sympathetic pens. These writers longed for the day when Jews would be safe from this nightmare and live in their own land. 

As I listen to some of the Israeli media describe what I see with my own eyes today, I often hear a different“narrative”.They call the Arab attacks on Jews a “civil war ”A civil war is such a generic term. Citizens fight fellow citizens. Is that what they called the pogroms IN Kishinev or the pogrom in Hebron in 1929?

There is a deep desire amongst the Left to avoid pointing a finger at Arabs. At Jews?  With pleasure. At proud unapologetic Jews? In a wink.  But for Arabs; it just does not sit right. It’s not a sophisticated approach. I do not know why, but that is the way it is.

When Arabs from Gaza rain rockets down on Israel seeking Jewish victims, they sometimes make mistakes and Arabs get in the way of their rockets. Yesterday two such Arabs were killed.

The Israeli media just loves to give this lots of air time. This is the opportunity to explain that the entire” situation” is just one big human tragedy. Death comes to all of us. What is happening is not necessarily an Arab onslaught against Jews, it’s a “human tragedy”.

There is no enemy and no there is no sense in talking of victory. Of course, the families of the mistaken Arab victims are given lots of radio and tv time to rail against Israel and blame their tragedy on the Jewish state and not on those who sent the rockets. The media nods in understanding.

The Israeli media likes to hear both sides of the story.

Will this “round “teach us anything or will we be satisfied once as soon as the Arabs grant us some breathing time to enjoy our little pleasures before they decide it's time for another round?

Will we ignore the blood lust pogroms and continue with our cherished illusion of  "coexistence", until the next wave?

Will we wake up? 

You will not see this on Facebook. I am banned.

Shalom Pollack is a tour guide, filmmaker and writer in Jerusalem. He is writing a book, "Despite ourselves”


moshe said...

Excellent post.
As long as we have leadership that has no Jewish soul, then they are just blind leaders and have no idea how to quell the uprisings by the enemy within. How different is this mighty army (one of the mightiest in the world today) than the ghetto Jews of Europe who were helpless against their vicious neighbors? It's disgraceful! A leader must rise up who cares not one iota of what anyone or any power says, but just do Hashem's Bidding, nothing less. That means, retake what is our G-D given land and expel the enemy from there to their original native lands. Jews were expelled from their precious beautiful homes, businesses and lands and given away to our mortal enemy and only fools could have believed that could appease those who have murderous hearts and want to destroy us.
Wake up citizens of Yisrael and demand of the leadership that justice be done to regain the respect that H' demands us to have so we can sanctify His Holy Name, and so it will bring us the immediate Redemption with great Mercy & Glory!

Neshama said...

Did you listen to Yehonatan Pollard at the Mercaz HaRav?
The video is on TomerDevorah blog.
He’s a good candidate for MBY!

moshe said...

Yes, of course, Neshama, I saw it after it came out. He spoke eloquently! He spoke from the heart because he personally suffered so much and would not lie even an iota, like a politician would.
Yasher koach! May H' give him the courage and go from strength to strength!

Daniel Grad said...

Let's see if Yisrael is mature enough to solve this agony after observing again and again that coexistence is not possible. Those in Yisrael hating Yisrael should go to Jordan, while those from Gaza to Egypt. Why continue to make miserable the lives of some people living in Yisrael, unhappy because Yisrael is the land of the Jews?
Certainly those living in Gaza are unhappy to live in the neighborhood of Yisrael. Make them happy in Egypt!
The strength of enemies of Yisrael living in Yisrael is now at a critical level as dangerous.
Islamists in politics to participate in governing Yisrael? Isn't now the time to remove the enemies within? The Israeli left united with the Islamists? Is this possible in a nation having a mandate from G-d?
Wake up Yisrael! If your synagogues are burned within your country what is next?