13 May 2021


It's nothing new

It's a predictable pattern.

When Israel is attacked the world has other things to worry about.

When Israel strikes back, the world drops everything. It is their moral duty to make sure that Israel does not use disproportionate force or that the body count shouldn't be too lopsided against Israel's attackers. That would obviously be a clear sign of an unfair fight and thus one that Israel has no moral right engaging in.

Jewish victims are a much more tolerable sight.

If this sounds like the Sodom and Gomorrah logic/morality it is because it is exactly. "There is nothing new under the sun", said the wisest of men.

I understand the behavior of the world and their approach to good and evil, right and wrong - to Jews.

What does frustrate and sadden me is how this pattern is copied within Israel by the Left.

I have been following the Israel political scene closely for over four decades and keeping a diary of the  events. It is all recorded in real time.

One of the patterns I have noticed is that when an Arab kills a Jew, the Left, media, politicians, academia and other “great thinkers” relate to it with equanimity. If the Jew was standing over the "green line" then he was simply negligent and irresponsible.

Things “happen” over there.

If the victim actually was one of the over half million Jews living in the "territories", he is by definition a criminal and, well, who is to judge which crime is worse?

In the rare case that a Jew assaults an Arab, the Left chorus howls a heart-rending dirge and demands that the most severe action taken. They make pilgrimages to the homes of the Arab family and apologize on the behalf of the enlightened Jewish people. This is what a cosmopolitan and moral person does. This is the real Jew.

They never make shiva calls to Jews killed by Arabs. That would be just so parochial, wouldn't it?

For many days, brutal Arab mobs attacked Jews in Israel and the Left had no comment; certainly, no outrage,

Finally, Jews are reacting. Now comes the outrage and deep worry of the Left and media.

Big time.

Can we honestly expect better from the rest of the world?

This will not be seen on Facebook. I am banned.

Shalom Pollack is a tour guide, filmmaker and writer in Jerusalem

He is writing a book. “Despite ourselves, I was there”

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