18 May 2021

The Children of the Kenite, Moses’ father-in-law (Yisro)

The interesting information contained herein is the difference between the "covenant made to Yisro” and the “covenant with David”(see bottom paragraph); however, read all:

Greater is the covenant that God made with the sons of Yithro . . . “If the children (David’s) forsake my law . . . . Then will I visit their transgression with the rod, and their iniquity with strokes” … “but if your children (Yisro's) keep my covenant and My testimony that I shall teach them, their children also forever shall sit upon the throne”



Gavriela Dvorah said...

But who are the children of Yitro today? and the instructions of Yonadav ben Rechav sounds like the Beduin of today.

Neshama said...

Yes, Gabriella, that is what came to my mind wh3n reading this. I too wonder who are the descendants?
Is it that group up north that sacrifice a lamb days after our Pesach? Flocks of Israelis go there to witness and share with them. Need more info.

moshe said...

Sorry, don't think this is literally pertinent. The Covenant between Hashem and Yisrael is ETERNAL. The above about the Kenites should not be taken in the literal sense, c'v. This might be a hint to the bnai Noach who will benefit in the World to Come for their dedication to the One and Only G-D, Hashem and their devotion and love to His People, Yisrael. Many think the Kurds who are usually friendly to the Jews stem from the ancient Kenites. The friendship goes back more than 2000 years; for instance, wasn't Yael, the one who killed Sisera a Kenite? Do not fall into the trap of everthing we read and hear. Only true Torah sources is the answer.

Joe said...

There is a tradition that Yitro's tomb is in Tiveria and is revered by the Druzi.


They do hold to the Sheva Mitzvot B'Nei Noach.