03 May 2021

**UPDATE Rally at 5:30 Wednesday – SAVE THE CHILDREN.

 International Unity Prayer Rally in Jerusalem for Our Children

Please join us Wednesday night at 5:30 for a prayer rally to save our children.  The tyrants are planning to inject millions of children in Israel with the crapcine, and they intend to do this by hook or by crook.  We are gathering outside the Old City walls in Jerusalem to turn to God to save us, as only He can.  

If you are in Israel, please make every effort to join us in person, and bring everyone you can.  There is no comparison between the prayers of the few and the prayers of the many.  We need to shake the heavens.

The event will be live streamed through links that will be available at http://thecommondenominator.net.    [My advice: this website may have missionary leanings. While the rally is important, showing up in person makes a statement and hopefully the media will be there. However, bringing a non–Jewish religion into the venue is totally unnecessary. So joining online is not suggested by me.]

this video gives the meeting place and other info:


moshe said...

Rabbi Weissman is wonderful and we should all attend, watch and pray on Weds., as noted here in your post, but what bothers is soon as Rabbi Weissman's video is ended, the notzri one comes on. This should have been done on separate videos. Seems they must be the ones paying for it. This should have been a separate movement and the other peoples could have their own and that way, it could be called an 'international' plea to G-D. Separate monies, separate movements.

Neshama said...

I didn’t see that. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough. I’ll try again to see if it happens

Neshama said...

Moshe, it says “up next” and that is what you need to “cancel” so it won’t play. Also the “auto play” needs to be inactivated.

elisheva said...

I hope you both see what Devorah posted on this, and the comments.

Rav Ades just said that we have to fight xtianity spiritually, he called it an abomination, disgusting. Don't join spiritually with these people. Yeshua comes from Hashem, from the tefilla of just one Jew, from saying tehillim, NOT from joining with dvar sheker.

elisheva said...

Well Devorah took down the comments.

M'dvar sheker tirhak - distance yourself from a thing of falsehood.

On the commondenominator.net website, the name alone is enough, they use all Jewish sources, and in typical sneaky fashion of missionaries, under the location tab, when you scroll to the end, they quote from their book of lies.

Hashem sent us this unfathomable tragedy that we are all reeling from and here is this treif initiative being pushed like a slap in the face. Neshama, we are so close to the end, and you have worked so hard on this blog, it really is chaval. You should absolutely remove this post, even after the event, and distance yourself from any kind of association with missionaries/xns (all xns are in essence missionaries in one form or another).

And we all need to review the mitzvot lo taaseih with respect to the meisit to avoda zara.

Neshama said...

Elisheva, I understand you think closely to TomerDevorah. I wish you would write your concerns on her website. I’m no anti Christian crusader.

There is a group of Germans led by an attorney who are all against this bioweapon being coerced upon unknowing people. There are some nonJews who are sincerely supportive of Jews. They are filing lawsuits. They are against the greet reset.This is only one instance.
The world is being divided between those who stand for righteous vs the anti G–D movement. A good vs evil division. I believe G–D values righteous gentiles, and there will be a place for them in the redemption. Our Torah says so.

I trust Rabbi Weissman and he is supporting this important rally.

Rabbi Ades is referring to infiltration by imposters, posing of Religious Jews.

About that website, I saw what you wrote. Yes we don’t need them to bring in their avoda zora. Thank you for alerting me.

moshe said...

I also think highly of Rabbi Chananya Weissman. He is only concerned about the 'children' and even the general population being pressured to get these vaccines. It should wake up more people to start thinking why are they 'pushing' this globally with such determination. But, people are asleep and instead of putting their trust in H'; they only listen to their doctors who don't care one iota and are just looking out for themselves. Human life has become cheap to most in the medical profession. Of course, there are good doctors too, but at least half are on the wrong side.
I understand where Devash & elisheva are coming from, but it is important for the Rabbi to stand up as he is doing (am sure he doesn't even think of the others and their avoda zorahs) but wants the insanity to stop and it is imperative that Am Yisrael does all it can to stop the coercion in EY (and even elsewhere). These are nazi-like tactics, and should put fear into all peoples. Israel has, r'l, become global which is the opposite of what we are!!! These actions must not and cannot be forced in democratic societies anywhere; otherwise they become dictatorships, c'v. Let's pray that level headed people will prevail and that we will soon greet Moshiach tzdkeinu, even just for our sanity, but most of all the world will know, Ain Od Milvado! k'heref ayin.

Neshama said...

Dear Elisheva, please stop your ‘crusade’ on my blog, like I wrote take it to the other blog. Sorry I’m not posting anymore about this.
If you care so much, take all your comments to
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