03 May 2021

Can Anyone Deny This . . .

Rabid Police Brutality (Ukranian Style)

Just who are these policemen? They cannot be Jewish. Are they hiring hateful non-Jews??

This is indicated as being inside Rasbi’s Tomb:

I read elsewhere this comment which just supports my assertion as to “who are the policemen":

How ironic, they invite the Ukrainians to teach them how to handle religious Jews. The Ukrainians were more brutal than the Nazis. We seem to forget, or prefer to forget these facts.


All the good that has been set aside for the soldiers of the House of David said...


My babi, safta use to say it. The nazim teriiible but worse are the kozakim,=Polish and Ukrainians. The rape 100 years old women...while freeing people from nazim.

moshe said...

Today's Jews forget very easily, r'l. Besides WWII, about 500 years ago (in the 1600's) there was the infamous horrific massacre of the Jews by the Ukrainians(cossaks) who slaughtered 600,000 Jews. Don't know spelling of the name of the city (chmielki, something like that- don't have history book or dictionary at hand). This history is infamous.