12 May 2021

A Word From Amalek . . .

US State Department spokesman: 

Palestinians also have a right to safety and security 

just as Israelis do

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moshe said...

Now, we know why H' made the turnabout happen in a flash so this leftist regime could take over and make it more uncomfortable by the day for the Yehudim in Artzot Habrit. We need to pray very hard that the Geulah will come with great Rachamim because we have been asleep for too long and look what the 'medina' has done by closing the doors of EY to the Yehudim just when it needs to be OPEN for every Yid. This is the $64,000 question; why in the world did the pm agree that our people be the lab rats for the world and create this horror? We need nissim v'niflaot now. But we know H' is in total control and will not abandon any Jewish neshama. In the meantime, we pray and must say as much Tehilim as possible for the protection of every Jew in E.Y.and everywhere.