18 May 2021


Prepare Messiah's garments: Rabbi Elhadad's son came from the world of the dead to his mother

שערי הגאולה

[PS I was waiting for this]


Daniel Grad said...

Mashiach comes after the fall of Yishmael. Imagine this, from Morocco to the border with India.

phoenixwarrior said...

Is there a translation into English somewhere?

Neshama said...

Sorry, there are no subtitles for this.
But maybe if Elisheva sees this she might translate a synopsis for us.

elisheva said...

Neshama, you don't need to allow this message, I don't know how to write to you directly, but what I want to say to you personally is as you were not willing to dissociate yourself from promoting that interfaith prayer event, prayer with people who believe in shituf, I am dissociating myself from your blog. Pro and anti vaccine madness are just two sides of the same coin when they are premised on a lack of faith in Hashem, and encouraging Jews to join in prayer that includes avoda zara is very much a lack of emuna on a personal level and machti et harabim, leading the public astray.

I've done my best to bring this issue to your attention. If you refuse to learn about it and take appropriate action, well that is your choice, but I want no part of it.

The short version of the video is that Moshiach is imminent, Be"D, and the mother was told to stop crying and go and buy new clothes to welcome him.

The only reason, I wrote this last, bli neder, comment, is so that I won't have to answer for it, ie not translating that Moshiach is imminent.

Neshama said...

Since you are slandering me, I reply that you are bonkers! You are truly obsessed. Have you no other outlets for your mind? Did you get the jab? If so it is already affecting on your brain.