27 May 2021

Rabbi Kessin on the Spiritual Revelations in Our Geulah Process


HaShem is ‘stirring the pot’ of Geulah, causing events to erupt one after the other

And it says, when troubles come one after the other, get your Shabbos clothes ready because Mashiach is coming

The Geulah is marching all around us, ISRAEL, and it’s closing in 

When things in the world don’t make sense it’s clearly the Hand of HaShem moving around.

Increasing antisemitism will cause Jews to tremble in fear and hopefully come closer to their Father

I believe that the two tragedies that happened to the Klal have gripped them severely, and soon they will increase acts of achdus and begin ceasing lashon harah.  Something is beginning to happen, and this Yid gets it!

"Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Rebbe" Is Mesader Kiddushin For Mercaz HaRav Talmid

Both Rabbi Anava and Rabbi Kessin have brought commentary from the Kli Yakar. Interesting.

And simultaneously, events in America are taking a turn:

It has always appeared to me that events happening in Israel and America are Mirror Images. I see that but not the total meaning.

UPDATE on the *Deep State falling in disarray:

"The Biden administration is now trying to explain why the people are seeing inflation. We see gas prices moving up, corn, wheat, lumber etc.  The answer, you will see bumps. Wait until it gets really bad. The [CB] plan is unraveling, the world is not going along with it and they are pushing back. 

"The [DS] is now being exposed. All the fake stories are now turning on them, the viewers no longer believe. The people have become aware and are now awake to what has been happening. The US election audits are moving at a very fast pace. T...he plan is moving at a faster pace than people realize. 

"The [DS] is panicking, they know once the people see the truth about the elections it is game over. 

"They will push back, see something say something."


*think fauchi being sworn in to testify, gain-of-function, financing, double-speak, lies, WHO, threats, new plandemic = this all equals hysteria as the walls to their evil begin to close in around them.



I believe they are gearing up to attack Jerusalem. Remember, we are on top of hills, with only so many roads out. The threat of 10,000 fighters within Israel is both a statement and an alert, for this 10,000 to prepare. When that happens we will see the IDF in the streets of Jerusalem. We citizens will have to shore up in our homes. The deletes are pretty secure, but the mirpesot and windows are not. So stock up on food stuffs just in case, and prepare a “bag of essentials” to grab on the way to the safe rooms. 

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