11 May 2021

Meron Was The First Shot Heard Round The World . . .

. . . in the next phase of our geulah process . . . Announcing the war on Jerusalem between the rabid fake Palestinians and the Jewish lovers of Yerushalayim. This could be the historical continuation from ‘67 when the keys to the Temple Mount administration were given over to the Islamic Wakf. From that moment forward Israel needed to earn the return of that moment so we could revoke their terror and false claims, and reclaim our Har HaBeis and begin the work to establish the Third Temple. This is awaiting Mashiach ben Yosef to come forward.

To earn this, we were given the sign that Am Yisrael must come together, in true unity, as one nation under G–D, which we can do on Shavuot, when we all proclaimed our One Voice at Har Sinai.

Ideologies must transcend and meld into one Jewish People under G–D and then we can earn our Third Beis and full ownership of all the Land of Eretz Yisrael.

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moshe said...

Good analysis. Halevai!