26 May 2021

Life is Very Fragile . . . CRITICAL UPDATE

The Children are the Future. The sole survivor, 5-year-old Eitan, 
is hospitalized in very serious condition in a local hospital

WAS THIS INTENTIONAL! A-S …….not really!


Police in northern Italy have arrested three people in connection with the cable car disaster in the Italian Alps earlier this week which claimed the lives of 14 people, including five Israelis.

On Tuesday, police arrested the cable car’s engineer, service director, and head of service, on suspicion they “tampered with” the cable car’s safety brake system in order to avoid delays, Olimpia Bossi, a prosecutor in Verbania province told ANSA.

Bossi said that a device which prevents the emergency brakes from operating was installed to avoid stops in service. That device also prevented the emergency system from being activated when a cable snapped, causing the cable car to fall.

The three suspects taken into custody now face a series of charges, including manslaughter.

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