04 May 2021

The First Pressing, A Pure Drop of Olive Oil UPDATED

. . . from the pure Neshomos, rises to join in the Ner Tamid in Shamayim

“Command the Children of Israel that they shall take for you pure olive oil, pressed, for illumination, to kindle a continual lamp.” (Parshas Emor, Vayikra 24:2)

The 45 Meron Korbanot

Rabbi Batzri:

“But hardest of all is the children – it’s just impossible to comprehend. I was so close to them. They would have grown up to be truly great people. They were devoted to Torah learning, with a depth of understanding; and they treated everyone with such respect – they had such refined characters.

“G-d took the good people – He picked the most beautiful flowers from His garden. It’s so hard… We didn’t sleep the entire night. For the last few days, we have done nothing but cry. It’s impossible to describe this in words. My sister-in-law cried out, ‘I gave them life – give them back to me alive!’ How can I explain to you how hard it was to hear such words? A person who loses a child – he has no life. It’s like he himself dies. Somehow, we have to help these parents cope, somehow.[. . .]”

“And we have to think about what we can do for these parents, after the week of shivah[mourning] is over. How are we going to look them in the eyes and give them the strength to continue with their lives?”


诇.诇. said...


Tragedy place after it happened. Look, the young man slipped at the end.

1. slippery downhill
2. sharp turn
3. and only then stairs

Neshama said...

Leah, I was referring to ALL the victims being crushed like the olive for the oil for the Beis HaMikdash.
I thought readers woul connect. Plus the Parshas armor talks about pure olive oil!

Neshama said...

Spell check is a leftist馃槍Parshas EMOR

诇.诇. said...

of course we connect, just wanted to share the video...

Neshama said...

I don’t understand the ivrit. Can I post the video?

moshe said...

No words. These were kedoshim and will be back, hopefully soon, but on the highest plane (level). We pray that H' brings the Geulah with much mercy from this point on, for we, the Bnai Yisrael, cannot endure much more. This is like when we suffered the slavery in Mitzrayim and when it got to the point where that was all the Yehudim could suffer, H' heard the cries of our people and took us out of Egypt. So, may HE have Rachamim on us today and send us our Goel Tzedek b'chesed v'rachamim to be a free people to serve Hashem with love in safety and security forever!

Gavriela Dvorah said...