23 May 2021

NIBIRU UPDATE: Fly By, Earthquakes, Volcanos Spewing in the air, Electro–Magneto Pulses

Dave Dobbs gives us a recap and future explanation

May 19 Fly By Disaster


moshe said...

These comets, asteroids, will reach ONLY the right places, where they are needed! Hamaivin yavin! Everything is m'Shamayim and only those who know there is the G-D of Israel, Creator of all, that HE will one day, very soon, use His forces of nature to fix everything that needs to be done.

ל.ל. said...

is he pessimistic about the future, is he's talking about the end of the world. It's hard to understand his accent, thank you

Neshama said...

Yes Leah, according to his years and years of research he is very pessimistic.
This is the major source for the tornados, earthquakes, and other upheavals in the “natural world”.
Hashem uses his creations to manage the universe.
I also have a difficult time listening to the British accent. From what he said, that I could understand, there were recent “events” in Japan, China, Italy and maybe elsewhere under the pacific ocean. They are responsible for changes in the crust of the earth. The effects of these “events” cause radioactivity. I’ve been trying to find videos of them, but the dates published for some of them is not accurate. They are not the date of the event, but the date published, which means someone can take an old video and upload it anew. Anyway I did see the video of the earthquake in Japan and one can see a weird “electric” vibration with each jolt to objects.

Dave explains that these "events” have occurred previously in history and there people who have documented them.

ל.ל. said...

Thank you Neshama, for me if they are pessimistic it means good for us, that the time has come, i'm very emotional about what's happening here and everywhere but not sad, it's such a complex feeling, i thing we may soon see him..ha-ha!

ל.ל. said...
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