26 May 2021

State Approval of Haredi Events??

Have the Haredim entered into a new “reality” where the State needs to approve Mitzvos and Gatherings?

Mass Gerrer hassidic wedding denied permit. . .

[. . .] Because of the recent disasters at mass-attended religious events, the Jerusalem police decided to condition the Gerer celebrations on the approval of a safety consultant from the Jerusalem Municipal Authority.
Legal representatives of the grand rabbi have now appealed the decision to the High Court of Justice, arguing that religious events do not need a license under the 1968 law for business licensing, and are not required to comply with safety standards. The police do not have the authority to condition the wedding on a safety consultation.
The Gerer legal council also asserted that since the old headquarters building has all necessary permits it is unreasonable not to approve the events there. [. . .]

Full article at https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/mass-gerrer-hassidic-wedding-denied-permit-due-to-safety-concerns-669132

Gur Hassidim have been the most organised and politically influential. Does this flexing of authority muscle equate to a ‘challenge to their political influence’? Is the Rebbe well or is his health in question? 


Shimshon said...

The state is just a vehicle. I don't know if this is such a bad thing, even if bad actors are the ones carrying it out. There does seem to be an air of din about, does there not? Large gatherings of people on the scale of this chasuna might not be wise, even if that's how they do things.

Neshama said...

Shimshon: What about w/o bleachers, and in a Stadium that is built to contain large crowds? I think there is more to this. Yes, I do agree about the ‘din’ aspect.

If they won’t allow that for the haredim, then NO SECULARS CAN ATTEND LARGE EVENTS THERE ALSO!!

moshe said...

These regulations are not put in for the welfare of the people. They are definitely enacted because it is the Chareidim that they are after. If anyone now cannot see how obvious it is that the 'state' is no longer under any Jewish control!!!!! - they are definitely in a stupor or just stupid. Evil has no shame!

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Actually, I was surprised by the psak that the bagatz issued because it was very thoughtful and respectful. There were many complications that made it impossible for bagatz to render a decision in favor of Gur Chassidim, primarily being time. Everything came at the last minute. The police and the city of Yerushalayim were in dispute and the appeal required a response from both parties, which took to the last minute, making it impossible to do anything. I think that in this case (only) bagatz was not deliberately working against Haredim or Chassidim. The problem is with the police, who are, in my opinion, haters of Torah and G-d, period. But then one has to take a close look to examine who are the police...their shoresh, so to speak. Also, there is a general lack of understanding of Chassidim and their attachment to the Rebbe. This is such an amazing opportunity for Chassidim to see their Rebbe, that's really what it's about. But in a culture that worships half-dressed so-called singers and sports players, the idea of revering a Rebbe is incomprehensible. Sof sof, though, I don't think that this decision was against Gur Chassidim.

Neshama said...

Thank you Gabriella. In response, two thoughts come to mind. Are there foreign imports among the police? From EU UN sources?
Second, maybe the many thousands of Rebbe followers should be mor public ally focused on showing the world that they follow and are devoted to G–d and His halacha and way of living I.e. Shabbat.

I’m not saying to not respect ones rebbe, but to send the message to the public that adherence to Shabbat and halacha is paramount. I believe HaShem wants His children to advertise the sole focus to be on G–d, on HaShem.

The recent tragedies seem to be pointing us in that direction.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

Neshama, as I understand it, but I have no first-hand knowledge of this at all, many of our police officers are young people who have been recruited from dangerous elements of society, i.e. if they were not in the police they would be beating up on each other. These are the ones you see kicking and throwing people to the ground. Basically, it's already in their nature and the security forces use them. This is not all the police, for sure, and I don't mean to imply it. But, there is this element. Secondly, many are Russian, who may or may not be Jewish by halacha, but who don't have any allegiance to Torah and Torah Jewry.

I agree with you, HaShem wants us to return to being His Children and a Light until the World, which means keeping the mitzvot. And to remember that He and He alone rules the world and is involved in everything that happens every second of every day. We must stop worshipping governments, people, trees, stones, science, and all the rest of the nonsense we focus on.

May we see Moshiach today! Rav Fish has something interesting to say about this.

moshe said...

Right on to both of you, Neshama and Gavriella. You are surely right with your analyses!