02 June 2020

Is America in a Police State Status vis-a-vis Lockdowns, Insurgency, Antifa ?

Operation Mind Control: Top Constitutional Attorney Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Martial Law

As peaceful protests continue to be hijacked to carry out organized violence, the country descends further into chaos, while the government's only response is more police state and more surveillance state controls.

In this report, Spiro is joined by top constitutional and human rights attorney John W. Whitehead to discuss the current state of the nation. For Decades, Whitehead has been warning of the threat of a domestic standing army in the form of militarized police. Now in addition to having a full blown militarized police force, we actually have the military police and the national guard on the streets of America.

In addition to covering martial law and the police state, Spiro and John Whitehead also delve into mandatory vaccines and President Trump's coming designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization and the legality surrounding it all.

The Rutherford Institute

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Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex

AG Barr deploying federal riot teams to DC, Miami to quell unrest, DOJ official says


moshe said...

This whole thing might be so orchestrated that everyone who is in power might be in on it. Because when we look at everything from a logical and obvious view point, we see Antifa as a definite fascitic group and that the blue states are all progressive(regressive) and stand with the people who are protesting (which is ok when it's peaceful) violently. So, it makes sense for the leader of the nation (the president) to warn them that if they don't stop the violence, which it is their duty to do so, he will stop them by sending out the military. This makes a lot of sense, but when things are so out of hand, maybe it's all a game to fool the public, because there's a global effort for control. We pray that H' intervenes real fast and sends MBY/MBD; afraid there's real big problems ahead for the world. H' yerachem!

Neshama said...

Yes, its a game, now that the plandemic is waning. The DS needs another “EVENT” to distract and distort, in order to attack Trump and the election.
Watch, there will be more drastic DS events. They are hysterically afraid of being brought to trial and sentenced, some as foreign agents and sentenced to death, others for child abuse and pedos. Just watch, and keep this all in mind.

Mashiach will show at the RIGHT TIME!