14 June 2020

"Sovereignty the Right Way"

Rabbi Alon Anava said, in his shiur (6/11) on Shelach Lecha, Part 4,  “The Wrong and Right Unity" which he emphasised, that it's important to create "Unity the Right Way”.
And immediately this popped into my mind: 
"Sovereignty the Right Way.”
My take–away from this is that “applying sovereignty the right way will bring unity"

Yesha Council issues call for PM Netanyahu to Apply Sovereignty 'the Right Way,' not to let coordination with US dictate Israel's actions . . . . "We are in the midst of a historic time for the settlements, and ask the prime minister to consider the more than two million voters of the right-wing bloc who chose him in order to apply sovereignty here in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley," the council noted.

The Yesha Council further stated that while it is important to ccordinate the application of sovereignty with the United States, that coordination cannot be the determining factor in what Israel will do or cause Netanyahu to break his promises to the right-wing bloc.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu, don't forget your promises on the eve of the election: sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Keep to the principles of the right-wing bloc in full….We all want you to be the first prime minister to apply sovereignty, but we do not want you to be remembered as the prime minister who laid the foundations for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Do it right," the council concluded. arutzsheva (6/14).


moshe said...

Do you really believe the pm would move even an inch in any direction, without US coordination?

Neshama said...

I’m hoping he is squeezed into “doing the right thing”. Otherwise he is doomed!