07 June 2020

"Rabin, Peres and Barak” Map vs. The Settler Perspective

Anything that Netanyahu is so in favour of and politicking about is totally suspect in my mind (and most likely not good for the Yehudim).
And anything the ‘UN, EU, DS’ are so vehemently against usually means it is probably good for the Yehudim.
––Why is Netanyahu so adamant about and using these terms “annexation” “sovereignty” in every other statement he is making (and threatening)? 
––Why is the UN, EU, DS, Jordan, Egypt, and others, so against Israel claiming their Land to be theirs? 
––Why are the politicians so enamoured and pushing forth “Kushner’s Plan” under Trump’s  "Deal of the Century” ?
Only one settler (with support from others) is seeing "the Kushner Plan" for what it is, a relinquishment (division) of (a major portion of) our Biblical Land.

Everyone, including the Americans, are against this one brave settler. Why would any religious, Torah Jew, allow any gentile country/nation dictate how to divide or chop up, or relinquish, or initiate a state of non-Jews to dwell on The Promised Land?

All Biblical Torah 100% Jews should be vocally against any such “Plan
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The Settler Viewpoint: What to be Aware of
A radical Settler Wages war against annexation — but he is far from alone  timesofisrael

For Ira Rappaport, […] the Trump plan is a disaster; his misgivings are emblematic of growing alarm among settlers. “Things are far worse than we thought,” Rappaport laments. “I live in [the settlement of] Shiloh, and I’m going to suffer from here on out. But it’s not just me.”Settler leaders are increasingly decrying the plan, which Netanyahu is aggressively pushing in order to allow annexation of West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley, but which some Jewish leaders in the region dread — both for enabling the potential (though, at this point, highly theoretic) establishment of a Palestinian state and for seemingly allowing 15 settlements to become enclaves within that future entity. Rappaport says under the apparent outlines of the plan, “Anyone living in Kiryat Arba won’t be able to travel to Jerusalem, for example. They’re telling them, ‘Drive to Beersheba.’ “But that’s not the main issue,” Rappaport stresses. “When you’re giving away the Land of Israel to our worst enemy, that’s the greatest of sins. But when you’re also severing the connection between the settlements, that’s no less of a crime. 
  • Have we learned nothing? 
  • Did we not see what happened when we left Gush Katif […]? 
  • Now they’re coming after our land here, in Judea and Samaria.”
[…] He is now a tour guide and a farmer. His interview with Zman Yisrael, the Hebrew sister site of The Times of Israel, took place while he harvested his blueberry field just outside Shiloh. He says the land for that field was purchased from its Palestinian owner by an American millionaire who lives in a nearby settlement.

Q. President Trump is offering, for the first time, US-sanctioned Israeli sovereignty over all settlements. How are you not happy about that?

“That’s not the issue here. Does Trump know that I’m 50 miles from Jerusalem — but am about to become an enclave in a Palestinian territory? 
  • Does he even understand the map that he’s looking at? 
  • Does he know that the distances we’re talking about here are almost the same as the distance between the White House and Blair House across? 
  • “If he’s giving us sovereignty without a Palestinian state, then fine. But this idea of sovereignty? 
  • How does it help me?
“Look, they say we’ll become part of the state of Israel, right? Now go look at the map. Today, it takes me 20 minutes to travel from Shiloh to the center of Jerusalem. Now, [with the new mapping plan] I will have to travel down south and then travel around back north just to get to Jerusalem.”

“I won’t even be able to drive straight to Ariel, unless I travel via the terrorists’ land. So, I’ll be isolated and cut off. Netanyahu is cutting off the Land of Israel from the Jews.”

Q. You’re missing out on a rare opportunity, though: You get sovereignty whereas the Palestinians aren’t getting anything — as they won’t accept the terms stipulated in Trump’s plan.

“Just look back at history: Yasser Arafat got eventually a lot more than what we thought he would. Anwar Saddat got every inch of the Sinai Peninsula. They’re not that dumb. If you go into negotiations, you don’t know how you’ll come out. So this needs to be fought against in the most extreme measures.”

“But, we can influence ministers [in the Israeli government] so that they’ll object [to the plan]. Trump gave this plan to appease both the Jews and the Evangelists. But today, both oppose it — because it takes away the Land of Israel from the Jews. And Netanyahu is a part of this deed.”

Though he may be particularly critical, Rappaport is by no means a lone voice these days. Many in the settlement movement are not at all happy with Netanyahu’s plans for the West Bank. David Elhayani, chairman of the Yesha Council umbrella group of settlement mayors, has become a harsh, outspoken critic of the Trump plan, going so far as to say this week that the US president was no friend of Israel’s.

In a meeting the prime minister held on Tuesday with settler leaders, one of the attendees was Shai Alon, the head of the Beit El municipality. “They didn’t take us seriously until now,” Alon tells The Times of Israel. “They thought we’d be quiet and just tag along. Now Netanyahu understands that it’s all about to blow up. So he is trying to divide and conquer us.” Elhayani is a Likud party member. So is Yossi Dagan, Samaria Regional Council head. Rappaport, too, is a Likud party member. Netanyahu’s strongest opposition today is coming from within his own party lines. “Netanyahu can stop this plan,” Rappaport is convinced. *Trump doesn’t really know it well. You can see it on the map. Netanyahu could just tell the president, ‘Forget it, you’ve been fed nonsense.’

“But Netanyahu actually wants a Palestinian state. He took the map that Rabin, [Shimon] Peres and Barak used — and now he wants to enact it here, on the ground. Just unbelievable.”

* This is what I mean when I call this Plan the “Kushner Plan"

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moshe said...

Are we really surprised that the prime minister is no different than the others? He was and is the same as the vulture, Rabin, etc. They have always been an appendage to the US and the nations. These are the erev rav that even the Gaon of Vilna forewarned about at the end of days; he called them erev rav amaleikim. The same holds true to all those who are part of the scheme. The citizens who are all for it are just the useful idiots. We have to focus on our total Emunah and Bitachon and hold tight while all sonei H', His people and His holy Torah will undo themselves. Your excellent post just above from Rabbi Winston says it all.