07 June 2020

Rabbi Winston on “Events Before the Redemption"

Rabbi Winston shlit”a […] is currently working on a book on current events including the COVID-19 pandemic and their relevance to the Final Redemption. Rabbi Winston understands the recent riots as a necessary step before any redemption can take place. [These are excerpts of quotes of Rabbi Winston in an article posted on Breaking News]

If you look at the big picture, there are so many prophetic implications to what is happening now. This is all part of a process described in kabbalah in which before redemption, the gevura (judgment) needs to be sweetened. Judgment is the source of hester panim, of God hiding his face of kindness. For God to reveal his side of loving-kindness through redemption, the judgment needs to be sweetened. Esav is unsweetened judgment and Isaac is sweetened judgment. When a person does a mitzvah (Torah commandment) or subdues their evil inclination to do God’s will, that sweetens the judgment. This makes the world a better place and brings us closer to Moshiach (Messiah).”

“The problem is that there is a set amount of judgment the world has to process, to sweeten before the redemption comes. It’s like any project; as the due date approaches, the pressure to meet the deadline increases. As the final redemption approaches, the world is going to get crazier because there are a lot of judgments that need to be sweetened and they are not, so harsh things that seem inexplicable to us are going to start happening.” […]

“The Holocaust and World War Two were precisely this. We had to get Israel by 1948 but there were a lot of gevurot (judgments) still needed to be sweetened. We hadn’t sweetened them through our merits. So all these gevurot that were saved up for who-knows-how-many years came into the world for a tikkun (fixing).” […]

“If the gevura is not fixed up, sweetened by us then it will surely be fixed up through us. And there is a schedule that was fixed by God,” he said. “And when this happens, God uses each person according to what they are. God needs corrupt people to bring these judgments into the world so we see a lot of corruption coming out today, much more than would normally happen if people were only expressing their own will and not fulfilling a function in bringing out these judgments before the redemption.”

“People can do evil and think they are doing good, doing the best thing for mankind. It is true. They are serving a purpose for mankind by bringing judgments that will ultimately bring the final redemption. Hitler and the Nazis thought they were helping mankind, as did Stalin and Mao.”

”The same is true of people who are reacting to the horrible murder of George Floyd. *They think they are bringing justice, gevura, into the world. And they are. But random violence is evil. If they really wanted to help mankind, they would sweeten these harsh judgments by doing mitzvoth, by doing God’s will and not through more violence.”

“At any other time in history, the Democrats would have put their anger aside and worked with the government to get what they thought was best, to fix what happened with George Floyd. But they didn’t want it fixed. We are seeing that the left-wing people would rather burn the country down. This is precisely using up the last vestiges of gevura (judgment).”

“Trump is certainly not the holiest man in the world but as soon as he took office, he began to serve this pre-redemption purpose” […]

“He didn’t need to go into politics to be corrupt. He could have done that as a businessman. He became president with the intention of making America a great place, just as he always claimed. It is clear that Trump would have crumbled a long time ago from all the horrible plots and tricks against him. But because he is doing God’s will, he is a target.”

“They blamed him for the coronavirus. Trump could not and did not have anything to do with bringing the coronavirus. They are blaming him for George Floyd when he clearly had nothing to do with what happened.”

“By accusing him, they are using up the last vestiges of gevura (judgment), something people would not normally do. But because the deadline is getting closer, God said, ‘I need people to do evil in the world, to run wild in the streets, burn and loot the very stores they shop in, the very neighborhoods they live in. I need them to form riots in crowds even when the coronavirus is still very strong.’’

People wouldn’t normally do this but since the final redemption is getting close and God needs to use up the last vestiges of gevura, they do precisely that. These people already have the inclination but the pre-Messiah need pushes them over the edge.”


*It has been determined that there are two forces in play here: the peaceful protesters who belong to Black Lives Matter, and then there are the hoodlums and terrorists (Antifa = anti-fascists who are fascists) uninvited, who are wrecking every city they go into.


Leah said...

So this craziness is the need to sweeten the judgement in order to receive Moshiach.....

Neshama said...

Leah, I think the more “sweetening” we experience, maybe we won’t need the 12 minute LAST WAR of GOG UMAGOG. I.e. there is such a humongous spread of the plague of LOCUSTS that the UN is warning of mass starvation. And this starvation could In time travel to America. That is one plague of tremendous “sweetening” that the results of such a war would be accomplished via the LOCUSTS.