17 June 2020

Life-Changing Events Series

There are so many life-changing events occurring on a daily basis that it is a race to keep up with them. Here are a few.

Turkey touted as potential leader in providing vaccine for region
Doctors say country could manufacture 100 million doses in pre-filled syringes. JPost

Hadassah doctors crack the cause of fatal corona blood clots
Hadassah researchers discovered that patients who form fatal blood clots have an increased level of alpha defensin protein in their blood. JPost

Israeli AI firm that offers early COVID-19 detection receives FDA approval
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) solution was given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA, so that it may be implemented within the United States' health system as soon as possible. JPost

90,000 immigrants expected in Israel in next 18 months, says minister
New Aliyah Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata adds that she intends to bring all remaining members of Falash Mura in Ethiopia to Israel, saying ‘It’s not Jewish to divide parents from children.’ JPost. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

‘Decentralized ID at All Costs’: Adviser Quits ID2020 Over Blockchain Fixation Doubts about immunity passes. "Her concerns about the technology, which highlight the trade-offs between health and privacy during the pandemic, are spelled out in a white paper published in mid-May. She says the introduction of immunity passes could interfere with people’s privacy, freedom of association, assembly, and movement.”

Discover What’s Keeping America Sick—A Better Way Premiers July 2!
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