10 June 2020

Rabbi Anava: Parshat Shelach Lecha – When Night Falls Part I

Zohar: Parashat Shelach - When night falls…, Part 1

(Kochav Yaakov and NIBIRU and the bringing of Mashiach; What’s inside the Earth, and more)

It is very interesting that this Shabbat is Sh’lach Lecha about speaking Lashon Harah on the Land of Israel and in Israel the people are so divided about the “Deal of the Century” (i.e. Kushner’s Plan). Divided, because the Land is intended to be divided, settlers and their communities of hard-working tenders of the Land,  to be not included in the “Map” being created, and isolated/surrounded among a proposed Palestinian area (state-like) which is like inviting plundering and murder.

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