14 June 2020

young man with a wife and baby faces life in prison

young man with a wife and baby faces life in prison
Very serious doubts have been raised in regard to his conviction.

Here are the facts:
In the Arab village of Duma, a home was firebombed resulting in the death of three.
Graffiti in Hebrew was scrawled on the walls of the house.

The accused has not been identified by a witness.
His wife testifies that he was with her that entire night.

The authorities arrested and tortured him. The courts allowed torture on the basis of the secret service's claim that he was a "ticking bomb" and information was needed immediately in order to prevent an imminent serious crime This was clearly untrue and was simply a ruse to present to the court to gain their permission to isolate and torture. They did so for days and nights demanding a confession.

He and a number of very young people including minors who live in proximity to the village were rounded up, interrogated, and tortured. One of the minors, under torture, agreed to identify Mr. Ben Uliel as the culprit.

Under severe beatings and the threat of continuing torture, the accused agreed to admit to the crime.

He was ordered to "reenact" the crime and was taken to the scene by the same man that personally tortured and tormented him for many days and nights. The law insists that the interrogator not be present at the reenactment of the crime. This law was ignored.

He knew that he was expected to satisfy the expectations of his tormentor and did his best to do so. They brought him to the burnt-out house and he told them that yes, he threw the firebomb into the house after opening up the window.

It is crucial to consider the following:

The targeted house is in the middle of the village.
  • Why would an arsonist want to target a random house in the middle of the village and thus endanger himself and the operation by making his way through the entire village before and after the attack?
  • Wouldn't it be safer and thus logical to target an exterior house and escape that much quicker?
Also, in that same village, shortly prior to this attack there have been multiple incidents of firebombing, These were proven to be internal clan conflicts that were initially blamed on Jews but were proven false.

Is it not likely that this was another such example of this village's pattern of firebombing?

Mr. Ben Uliel asserts that his confession was forced from him under torture and the threat of resumed torture which is illegal.

Considering the above we ask you to please lend your voice in appeal to the Israel Supreme court to reconsider the case and allow this young man to return to his wife and child.

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Source: A concerned Shalom Pollack AND writer of this blog


moshe said...

And to think this is happening in EY and not in some Yehudi hating country. But, they have to show that they're right because they say so and it's only a religious Jew being victimized, so that makes it okay. Erev Rav, erev, erev rav.... When EY returns to be a Jewishly led country, justice will then be done. H' yerachem and that a nes will happen for this Yiddishe family. Tehilim should be said by all of our 'real' people. Moshiach has to come ASAP!

Neshama said...

It pains me so about this unjust cruelty just to save face. We are in a heightened “acquiesce to the terrorists” era.