21 June 2020

LIVE NOW in Tsfas Hachnasat Sefer Torah

Video not available for rerun just now.
I watched the entire adventure. A beautiful Sefer Torah and exceptional ornamental casing.
The celebrating continued along the streets of Tsfas into an open area where more people were waiting to welcome and celebrate the Sefer Torah.  It seemed most of Tsfas came out to join the festivities. It was a tremendous Kiddush HaShem. The whole program was so “Israeli-Jewish”, if you know what I mean. Very different from any celebrating that regular Israelis could do, or even American-Israelis. I could feel it through the computer into the video :-)
Rabbi Anava is truly amazing. In this picture of him, his eyes seem to say “here is a gift to You, Hashem."

IY”H the Rabbis 40 day endeavor will give Nachas to Hashem.

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