05 June 2020

UPDATE: Annexation or is it Sovereignty? What's the Difference? Netanyahu uses Both Terms.

Netanyahu is trying to make his own Deal of the Century 
Netanyahu: If America Allows Annexation, We’ll Have to Make Concessions
In a meeting with the Judea Samaria Council (Yesha) regional heads, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the White House has backtracked on its original plan to approve unilateral annexation. He added that it is also possible that in the end, they won’t give the green light for the annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria Kann reports.

According to those who attended the meetings, Netanyahu told the settler leaders that “If we get authorization to assert sovereignty, we’ll have to give something in return.” That thing is an agreement in principle to a Palestinian state the report states.

The report adds that in the meeting, settler leaders tried to separate the issue of annexation and enabling a Palestinian state however that attempt failed.

Netanyahu tried to pull a “Cornering Tactic” But Settler Council didn’t fall for the threat
At that point Netanyahu insinuated what would happen should Biden win the November elections saying: “Under a different government, with a different plan, they would demand that we evacuate (Judea and Samaria).” To that the council heads responded: “we’d rather swim in a sewer than drown in fresh water.” Breaking News

This morning in the JPost, “Settler leader refuses to apologize to Trump!” Just Why Should he apologize?? Israelis do not have to commit ‘hari kari’ for any foreign leader. Trump is doing good things in the name of  “the ‘Good’” and protects Jews, but splitting Eretz Yisrael and giving our land to Arabs for a “State” is definitely not kosher!


Am Yisrael Chai . . . Ain Od Milvado

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moshe said...

What is it that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, z't'l, forewarned Netanyahu when he was a young man and came to get a bracha from the Rebbe? The Rebbe told him that one day he will be the leader and to 'make sure that even raising the topic of giving away any part of E.Y. will be a terrible mistake'. He should have remembered those words when he came into office, the Land of Israel is off the table. Of course, much harm was already done before he even came into office. And who knows what he himself really believes.