22 June 2020

ISRAEL in a Tither About So Many CV Cases Rising . ..

Israeli Leaders alarmed at rise in numbers of CV infected. Confusion and Quarreling. *timesofisrael Those tested “positive” are NOT PATIENTS they are contributors to weakening the virus. And it is just a *virus.
Rise in Numbers Equals Numbers in Testing
What is important is not the average person with a virus, as most people do not suffer, its the impaired, medically sensitive, and the elderly infirmed. These are the persons to return to "staying at home.” These are the persons to make decisions

MASKS DON”T STOP OR PREVENT THE VIRUS – HEALTHY PEOPLE DON”T NEED MASKS [Mandatory only for those in the treatment field coming in contact with “many” patients]
. . . It’s due to increased testing.
Enforce social distancing and cut back on large gatherings and large protests and see it slow down. As long as there are minimal serious cases, it will slow down. The State allowed too many large gatherings. Trains limit 10 to each train-car with spacing. Institute curfews and close beaches and restaurants for 14 days. Businesses stay open, with precautions applied. Continue “deliveries” to people homebound.

WEARING MASKS DECREASES THE AMOUNT OF OXYGEN INHALED WHICH IS SERIOUS. LESS THAN 19.5 IN ONE’S OXYGEN LEVEL IS CRITICAL. It may be that because everyone has been wearing masks, it leaves them more vulnerable to infection. Rethink your protocols!

Further Info:

Everyone settle down. Yes there are 250-300 new cases daily.
Yes, this is a troubling trend. But this is 25% of the number of new cases at the peak, there are only 43! serious cases in a popularion of over 9.5 Million. Only 28 are on respirators.

Alot of the new cases are due to more testing, I.e.: finally getting to 20,000 people examined daily.
Indeed, 48% of the cases are asymptomatic.
More importantly: The hospitals are much better prepared and the elderly much better protected. This is definitive.
So: Troubling trend. But nowhere near 6 weeks ago. This is the status on the ground so everyone take a chill pill.

The initial reaction to any pandemic is to isolate at home until the end or safe time period epidemiologically determined. Every pandemic has a curve: infecting, height of infection, declining infection. The numbers attest to this. History attests to this.

This in no way claims that this pandemic was not serious.

* the insane pictures of health workers "gearing up" in nuclear anti-infection gear is almost comical. Does the Health Ministry "gear up" for the yearly flu? The flu that kills more per year than the so-called Novel Virus. What is “novel” is the ridiculous dichotomy of restrictions, that changed every week according to the whim of Fauci and the WHO; restrictions that caused (intended) panic, confusion, and were meant for psychological programming.  This applies to the Masks. Unless one is a dentist or nurse or doctor that comes face to face with patients, is the Mask necessary, and ONLY ON THE HEALTH PRACTICIONER.

When medical personnel entered back into the public domain and resumed “living their lives” they came directly in contact with the virus. This is to be expected. It doesn’t mean they belong in the ICU, it means they have a virus. Stop being hysterical and writing hysterical articles. These articles increase hysteria and panic, which causes greater harm to one’s mind and body.

A Channel 12 News report on Sunday said that five additional medical professionals were diagnosed with the coronavirus at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. A hospital source quoted in the report said that “it’s an explosion and they’re trying to cover it up,” claiming that the hospital is not sending medical staffers who have diagnosed with the virus and those in contact with them into quarantine and that “no one is wearing masks.” A statement by the hospital claims that the medical staffers diagnosed with the virus were sent into quarantine. There are currently a total of 905 medical professionals in quarantine, including 168 doctors and 306 nurses. YWN

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